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Here is a list of the results for all Texas legislative runoff elections. This page will be updated regularly throughout election night.

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Below is a list of all federal and state legislative runoff elections with results as reported by the Texas secretary of state.

The Texan’s staff will continue to update these tables throughout the night as results become available.

Included in the list is the special election for Senate District 14, where multiple candidates from all parties are permitted to compete for the seat. If no candidate receives over 50 percent of the vote, the top two candidates — regardless of their party — will face each other in a subsequent election.

Incumbents on the table are marked with an asterisk(*).

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This page will be updated hourly during the evening of July 14.

Last updated at 10:30 a.mon Wednesday, July 15.

U.S. Senate Runoff Election

CandidateDistrictTotal VotesPercent
MJ Hegar (D)TX-Sen498,18052%
Royce West (D)TX-Sen457,55548%

U.S. House Runoff Elections

CandidateDistrictTotal VotesPercent
Lulu Seikaly (D)TX-0320,49061%
Sean McCaffity (D)TX-0313,26039%
Pritesh Gandhi (D)TX-1022,18246%
Michael Siegel (D)TX-1026,29154%
Ronny Jackson (R)TX-1336,61256%
Josh Winegarner (R)TX-1329,26144%
Gus Trujillo (D)TX-134,94466%
Greg Sagan (D)TX-132,50834%
Monica de la Cruz-Hernandez (R)TX-157,41476%
Ryan Krause (R)TX-152,33824%
Irene Armendarez-Jackson (R)TX-165,15565%
Sam Williams (R)TX-162,71835%
Pete Sessions (R)TX-1718,45854%
Renee Swann (R)TX-1715,69446%
Rick Kennedy (D)TX-1713,33957%
David Anthony Jaramillo (D)TX-179,94943%
Wendell Champion (R)TX-183,93372%
Robert Cadena (R)TX-181,54828%
Mauro Garza (R)TX-207,14560%
Gary Allen (R)TX-204,75340%
Troy Nehls (R)TX-2236,06570%
Kathaleen Wall (R)TX-2215,43230%
Tony Gonzales (R)TX-2312,34650%
Raul Reyes (R)TX-2312,33950%
Kim Olson (D)TX-2413,07940%
Candace Valenzuela (D)TX-2419,95060%
Donna Imam (D)TX-3120,88457%
Christine Eady Mann (D)TX-3115,99143%
Jennifer Garcia Sharon (R)TX-354,11153%
William Hayward (R)TX-353,63447%

Texas Senate Special and Runoff Elections

CandidateDistrictTotal VotesPercent
Sarah Eckhardt (D)SD-1459,26749.66%
Eddie Rodriguez (D)SD-1440,38434%
Waller Thomas Burns II (R)SD-141,4421%
Donald Zimmerman (R)SD-1415,56513%
Pat Dixon (L)SD-141,3061%
Jeff Ridgeway (I)SD-141,3861%
Xochil Peña Rodriguez (D)SD-1914,94047%
Roland Gutierrez (D)SD-1916,64053%
Eddie Lucio Jr (D)*SD-2716,88354%
Sara Stapleton-Barrera (D)SD-2714,62546%

Texas House Runoff Elections

CandidateDistrictTotal VotesPercent
Dan Flynn (R)*HD-026,22139%
Bryan Slaton (R)HD-029,75761%
Ro'Vin Garrett (R)HD-253,22430%
Cody Vasut (R)HD-257,35870%
Matt Morgan (R)HD-266,84048%
Jacey Jetton (R)HD-267,52652%
L. Sarah DeMerchant (D)HD-264,55252%
Suleman Lalani (D)HD-264,14348%
Carrie Isaac (R)HD-456,42065%
Bud Wymore (R)HD-453,47635%
Justin Berry (R)HD-476,28355%
Jennifer Fleck (R)HD-475,23145%
J.D. Sheffield (R)*HD-596,11438%
Shelby Slawson (R)HD-599,78462%
Jon Francis (R)HD-6011,27849%
Glenn Rogers (R)HD-6011,95651%
Tom Adair (D)HD-674,68749%
Lorenzo Sanchez (D)HD-674,89851%
Lorraine Birabil (D)*HD-1005,07150%
Jasmine Felicia Crockett (D)HD-1005,16047%
Elizabeth Campos (D)HD-1194,22756%
Jennifer V. Ramos (D)HD-1193,30444%
Akilah Bacy (D)HD-1383,97879%
Jenifer Rene Pool (D)HD-1381,02621%
Jerry Davis (D)HD-1424,56348%
Harold Dutton Jr. (D)*HD-1425,00852%
Anna Eastman (D)*HD-1484,13549%
Penny Morales Shaw (D)HD-1484,33551%


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