Elections 2022Taxes & Spending$21 Billion in Local Bonds on November 2022 Ballots Across Texas

School districts account for almost two-thirds of the November bond proposals on ballots across the state.
October 10, 2022
Voters across Texas will see billions of dollars in spending on their November ballots, collectively totaling $21 billion.

According to the Bond Review Board, over 150 entities including cities, counties, community colleges, and school and water districts are seeking approval of general obligation bonds. Their uses range from school buildings to athletic facilities to buses to security measures.

The total is down from the May 7 local election when $34 billion was proposed, of which only $24 billion passed at the ballot box. But the total for November’s general election is up substantially from either the local or the general in each of the preceding four years.

The May 2020 election was an outlier with $839 million in proposed bonds on the ballot — many of which were ultimately canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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On the flip side, the May 2022 local election saw a massive amount of proposed debt on the ballot as water district bonds nearly matched school districts.

In all, since the May 2018 election, political subdivisions have placed nearly 1,700 different bond proposals before voters.

On average, school districts account for the vast majority of bond propositions, both in raw numbers and in dollar total.

This fall, they account for 64 percent of the bonds totaling 101 separate propositions. Entities may put forward multiple propositions before voters in one bond election, often done to separate spending for school buildings from spending for stadiums, etc.

The single largest proposition on the upcoming ballot is a $2.3 billion bond to fund school building repairs and security upgrades by Austin Independent School District (ISD).

Bond dollars are not subject to school recapture which the district touts in support of the bond on its “About the Bond” webpage. Colloquially called “Robin Hood,” recapture takes property tax dollars from wealthier districts and distributes them to poorer ones. Austin ISD saw more money flow out of its coffers from recapture than any other in the state during the 2020-2021 school year — three times the next closest in Houston ISD.

The district has two other bonds to supply $75 million for technology purchases and $47 million for stadium renovations.

Behind Austin ISD’s bond, the only other two to eclipse $1 billion are Lamar Consolidated Independent School District and Plano ISD.

Lamar CISD has five different propositions on the ballot. The largest is for security measures, new elementary schools, and renovations of existing schools. The others consist of technology upgrades, a new Career and Technology Center, a new $195 million stadium, and renovations to the existing stadium.

Plano ISD has five propositions on the ballot as well; there are four capital expenditure-focused items similar to the purposes planned for both Austin ISD and Lamar CISD. But those are on top of a 6.9 percent Maintenance & Operations tax rate increase that requires voter approval, as it eclipses the 2.5 percent increase cap set by the Texas Legislature in 2019.

Harris County is seeking approval of a $900 million bond for road upgrades as part of a $1.3 billion package. The largest city proposal is a $294 million item by Kyle for road construction.

And after their packed May election, water districts have proposed substantially less spending than earlier this year. The largest single water district proposal is the New Sweden Municipal Utility District’s (MUD) near-half million item refinancing current debt. In total, the MUD’s five bonds reach $1 billion.

Tuesday, October 11 is the final day to register to vote in Texas and the two-week early voting period begins on Monday, October 24.

View each individual proposal below.

LocalityCountyProposition NumberAmountPurposeDescription
Austin ISDTravis1$2,316,025,000 BuildingSchool Building
Lamar CISDFort Bend1$1,310,611,605 OtherSchool Building, Buses & Technology
Plano ISDCollin1$1,164,371,000 BuildingSchool Building
Harris CountyHarris2$900,000,000 OtherRoad Utilities
Anna ISDCollin1$793,735,000 BuildingSchool Building
Austin CCDTravis-Williamson1$770,000,000 OtherCampus Improments
Spring ISDHarris1$681,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Denton CountyDenton1$650,000,000 OtherStreets & Roads
Lake Travis ISDTravis1$550,000,000 OtherSchool Building & Buses
New Sweden MUD 1Travis4$487,500,000 RefundRefunding
Waller ISDWaller1$363,471,018 OtherSchool Building & Security
Judson ISDBexar1$345,299,900 OtherSchool Building & Security
New Sweden MUD 1Travis1$300,000,000 OtherWater, Sewer, & Drainage
KyleHays1$294,000,000 OtherRoad
Little Elm ISDDenton1$289,500,000 OtherSchool Building & Security
Birdville ISDTarrant1$284,714,315 OtherSchool Building, Athletic Facility & Transportation
HoustonHarris1$277,000,000 OtherPublic Safety
Dripping Springs ISDHays-Travis2$275,350,000 BuildingSchool Building
Canutillo ISDEl Paso1$264,000,000 OtherSchool Building & Security
El PasoEl Paso1$246,480,000 OtherStreets & Sidewalks
Gregory-Portland ISDSan Patricio1$242,000,000 OtherSchool Building Athletic Improvements
Sheldon ISDHarris1$240,800,000 OtherSchool Building & Buses
East Central ISDBexar1$240,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Magnolia ISDMontgomery1$228,000,000 OtherSchool Building & Security
Corpus Christi ISDNueces1$220,000,000 OtherSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
Cedar Hill ISDDallas1$207,700,000 OtherSchool Building & Security
Splendora ISDMontgomery1$201,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
LubbockLubbock1$200,000,000 OtherStreets & Roads
Harris CountyHarris3$200,000,000 OtherPark
Dripping Springs ISDHays-Travis1$199,280,000 OtherSchool Building & Buses
Angleton ISDBrazoria1$196,250,000 BuildingSchool Building
Lamar CISDFort Bend5$194,904,700 OtherStadium
Pflugerville ISDTravis1$190,280,000 OtherSchool Building & Security
Lamar CISDFort Bend2$189,241,920 OtherEducation Facility
Smith CountySmith1$179,000,000 BuildingCourt Facilities
Plano ISDCollin2$173,450,000 OtherTechnology
New Sweden MUD 1Travis5$147,000,000 RefundRoads, Refunding
Spring ISDHarris2$141,000,000 OtherPerforming Arts
Greenville ISDHunt1$136,500,000 BuildingSchool Building
Texas City ISDGalveston1$131,110,000 OtherSchool Building & Security
Seguin ISDGuadalupe1$131,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Plano ISDCollin3$130,000,000 BuildingEvent Center
Texarkana ISDBowie1$122,890,000 BuildingSchool Building
Terrell ISDKaufman1$115,000,000 OtherSchool Building & Security
Cleveland ISDLiberty1$115,000,000 BuildingSchool Buidling & Transportation
Brenham ISDWashington1$111,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Rankin ISDUpton1$105,000,000 OtherSchool Building, Buses & Technology
CarrolltonDallas1$102,450,000 OtherStreeet Improvements
Brazos CountyBrazos1$100,000,000 OtherTransportation
Harris CountyHarris1$100,000,000 OtherPublic Safety
Tuloso-Midway ISDNueces1$98,500,000 OtherSchool Building & Security
New Sweden MUD 1Travis2$98,000,000 OtherRoad
Lake Travis ISDTravis3$94,000,000 OtherStadium
Red Oak ISDEllis1$94,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Corpus ChristiNueces1$92,500,000 OtherStreet
Pittsburg ISDCamp1$88,350,000 OtherSchool Building & Security
Fort Stockton ISDPecos1$84,000,000 OtherSchool Building & Security
Taylor ISDWilliamson1$82,470,000 OtherSchool Building & Security
Sulphur Springs ISDHopkins1$81,500,000 BuildingSchool Building
Anna ISDCollin2$80,000,000 OtherStadium
Columbia-Brazoria ISDBrazoria1$79,000,000 OtherSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
Kaufman ISDKaufman1$77,400,000 OtherSchool Building & Security
Pflugerville ISDTravis5$76,000,000 BuildingEducation Facility
Austin ISDTravis2$75,541,000 OtherTechnology
McCamey ISDUpton1$71,811,709 OtherSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
Lockhart ISDCaldwell1$71,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
ForneyKaufman2$68,800,000 OtherPark
Lake Travis ISDTravis2$60,000,000 OtherTechnology
Bonham ISDFannin1$60,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
HoustonHarris2$60,000,000 OtherPark
Birdville ISDTarrant3$59,000,000 BuildingMulti-Pupose Center
Texarkana ISDBowie2$58,970,000 OtherSchool Building & Technology
Trenton ISDFannin1$58,000,000 OtherSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
Marfa ISDPresidio1$57,000,000 OtherSchool Building & Technology
Pflugerville ISDTravis2$54,000,000 OtherSecurity
ForneyKaufman5$52,700,000 OtherRoad & Bridge
Marion ISDGuadalupe1$50,000,000 OtherSchool Building & Security
Paradise ISDWise1$49,500,000 OtherSchool Building & Security
Austin ISDTravis3$47,434,000 OtherStadium
HoustonHarris3$47,000,000 OtherAnimal Care & Control
ForneyKaufman3$46,000,000 OtherRecreation
ForneyKaufman1$45,800,000 OtherFire Station Improvements
Brock ISDParker1$45,600,000 BuildingSchool Building
Pflugerville ISDTravis6$43,924,000 OtherAffordable housing.
Wills Point ISDVan Zandt1$40,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Stephenville ISDErath1$39,980,000 OtherStadium
HoustonHarris4$33,000,000 OtherPublic Health
Belmont FWSD 2Denton1$32,600,000 OtherRoad
Belmont FWSD 2Denton2$32,600,000 RefundRefunding
College StationBrazos3$30,400,000 OtherBaseball Park
HoustonHarris5$29,000,000 OtherInfrastructure
Spring ISDHarris3$28,000,000 OtherTechnology
Plano ISDCollin4$27,817,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
Texas City ISDGalveston2$27,490,000 OtherStadium
HoustonHarris6$26,000,000 OtherLibrary
Brenham ISDWashington2$25,000,000 OtherSchool Building & Technology
Quinlan ISDHunt1$25,000,000 OtherSchool Building & Security
New Sweden MUD 1Travis3$25,000,000 OtherParks & Recreation
Marlin ISDFalls1$24,500,000 BuildingSchool Building
Splendora ISDMontgomery2$24,000,000 OtherPerforming Arts
Brownsboro ISDHenderson1$24,000,000 OtherSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
BoerneKendall1$23,000,000 OtherMobility Projects
College StationBrazos4$22,000,000 OtherParks & Recreation
ForneyKaufman4$21,500,000 OtherLibrary
Corrigan-Camden ISDPolk1$21,490,700 OtherSchool Building & Security
El PasoEl Paso2$20,800,000 OtherParks & Recreation
Kendall CountyKendall1$20,000,000 OtherLand purchase
Corpus ChristiNueces2$20,000,000 OtherParks & Recreation
Poth ISDWilson1$19,500,000 BuildingSchool Building
CarrolltonDallas3$18,900,000 OtherParks & Recreation
Callisburg ISDCooke1$18,600,000 BuildingSchool Building
Brock ISDParker2$18,300,000 BuildingMulti-Pupose Center
College StationBrazos1$18,000,000 OtherPublic Safety
LakewayTravis1$17,500,000 OtherStreets & Roads
Lamar CISDFort Bend3$16,769,775 OtherTechnology
College StationBrazos2$16,100,000 OtherTransportation
Birdville ISDTarrant2$16,061,775 OtherTechnology
Fort Stockton ISDPecos2$16,000,000 OtherStadium
Era ISDCooke1$13,900,000 OtherSchool Building & Security
Kerr CountyKerr1$13,685,000 BuildingCourt Facilities
Winona ISDSmith1$13,400,000 BuildingSchool Building
BoerneKendall2$13,000,000 OtherParks & Recreation
Kaufman ISDKaufman2$12,500,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
Rio Vista ISDJohnson1$12,000,000 OtherSchool Building & Security
Rankin ISDUpton2$12,000,000 OtherGolf Course
Corpus ChristiNueces3$10,000,000 OtherPublic Safety
Paradise ISDWise2$9,000,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
CarrolltonDallas2$8,800,000 OtherPublic Facility
Kerr CountyKerr2$8,065,000 BuildingEvent Center
AbileneTaylor1$8,000,000 OtherFire Station Improvements
Marlin ISDFalls2$7,500,000 OtherStadium
Seguin ISDGuadalupe2$7,500,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
Sheldon ISDHarris2$6,900,000 OtherTechnology
Cedar Hill ISDDallas2$6,680,000 OtherTechnology
Dripping Springs ISDHays-Travis3$6,505,000 OtherTechnology
Winona ISDSmith2$6,500,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
HoustonHarris7$6,000,000 OtherSolid Waste
Kerr CountyKerr3$5,750,000 OtherAnimal Care & Control
RollingwoodTravis1$5,300,000 OtherWaterworks and Sewer System
El PasoEl Paso3$5,200,000 OtherOther
Lamar CISDFort Bend4$4,978,501 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
CarrolltonDallas4$4,800,000 OtherAnimal Care & Control
Waller ISDWaller2$4,654,082 OtherStadium
Magnolia ISDMontgomery2$4,000,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
Rankin ISDUpton4$4,000,000 OtherAffordable housing.
College StationBrazos5$3,900,000 OtherAquatic Center
Corrigan-Camden ISDPolk2$3,675,200 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
Winona ISDSmith3$3,600,000 OtherStadium
WoodcreekHays1$3,500,000 OtherRoad
Cedar Hill ISDDallas3$3,420,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
Pflugerville ISDTravis3$3,000,000 OtherPerforming Arts
GainesvilleCooke1$2,800,000 OtherStreet
Corpus ChristiNueces4$2,500,000 OtherLibrary
RollingwoodTravis2$2,500,000 OtherPublic Safety
CarrolltonDallas5$2,000,000 OtherPark
Rankin ISDUpton3$2,000,000 OtherTechnology
Brock ISDParker3$700,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
Pflugerville ISDTravis4$400,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements


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