About Us

The Texan, founded in 2019 by former state Senator Konni Burton, is dedicated to providing information that you need to know about issues in politics and policy that impact your life.

As an online, subscriber-based news outlet, The Texan is set apart from legacy media organizations with non-profit or clickbait business models. These models have resulted in news organizations that produce content for a few well-connected donors, or clickbait to satisfy their advertisers.

The Texan has no advertisers and is not donor-funded. When you subscribe to The Texan, you receive quality, ad-free content that prioritizes you, our reader.

Trust in traditional media institutions is eroding. Recent surveys have consistently shown that seven out of 10 Americans believe the media knowingly spreads misinformation at least some of the time. The Texan provides relevant, objective journalism in a manner that respects the values of everyday Texans while capturing the independent spirit of what it means to be Texan.

Our Team

Led by Founder and CEO Konni Burton, The Texan is comprised of an energetic and talented team who believe in the importance of delivering accurate information to the public without the agenda-driven narrative of legacy media.

Upon launch, The Texan’s committed reporters will focus on the critical policy issues facing the Texas State Legislature, including property tax reform, education policy, abortion, and the state’s ongoing budget debate.

Additionally, The Texan will feature updates on Texas lawmakers in Washington D.C., reporting on statewide campaigns, and profiles of individuals who make us all proud to be Texan.