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Former Florida Congressman Allen West joins Konni Burton to discuss why he is running for Republican Party of Texas chair, his thoughts on the 86th legislative session, and his love of motorcycles.
August 5, 2019
In this interview, The Texan‘s CEO & Founder, Konni Burton, sits down for a remote interview with former Florida Congressman Allen West. Last month, West announced that he will explore the opportunity of challenging James Dickey for the Republican Party of Texas chair.

“The ideological battle for the soul of the United States of America is right here in the Lone Star State,” said West when asked why he decided to run for this particular position. “When you think about the intrusion and the invasion of progressive socialism — how it has taken over Nevada, and Arizona, and Colorado, and New Mexico — Texas is squarely in its sights.”

“We’ve got to stop it — this is an Alamo moment for us,” West continued.

In response to a question about what strategies he would implement to accomplish this mission, West refrained from offering specifics and instead emphasized the importance of purveying conservative principles — particularly in areas of the state at risk of turning blue.

In 2010, West defeated Democrat Ron Klein to represent Florida’s 22nd congressional district and became the first Republican African-American congressman from Florida since 1876. After redistricting from the 2010 census took effect, West lost to Democrat Patrick Murphy by a narrow margin in the most expensive congressional race up to that point.

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