Local NewsAntifa Loots Austin Target Store in Coordinated Effort, DPS Confirms Special Agents Embedded in the Organization

The militant left-wing group, Antifa, has infiltrated the George Floyd protests and incited acts of violence, the DPS director confirmed this week.
June 4, 2020
Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Director Steve McGraw told the press on Tuesday that Antifa was responsible for the Sunday evening looting of the Capital Plaza Target in Austin.

McGraw also confirmed that the department has agents embedded in Antifa, from which they received the intel.

He said, “[The looting] was done and organized by an Antifa webpage, and of course, the surveillance that was provided over the internet to identify where law enforcement resources were staged was done over Antifa accounts.”

Antifa is a militant left-wing movement dedicated to fighting what it qualifies as fascism, and white supremacy, in America by any means — physically violent, verbally vitriolic, or otherwise — it deems necessary. Tracing its heritage to the German antifaschistischs in the 20th century, it engages in similar street-fight tactics that frequented the Weimar Republic.

This 21st-century version sprung up after the 2016 election and is known for sucker-punching and assaulting those whom they oppose, setting fire to buildings, and inciting riots. They have a reach that extends far beyond the United States, across continents.

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Widespread civil unrest has swelled throughout the country since the death of Minnesota man, George Floyd, after he was suffocated by a police officer. Most protesters have peaceably assembled, but agitators in their midst have caused tensions to escalate in many cities across America — including in Texas.

In Dallas over the weekend, a man was viciously beaten by a group of rioters after allegedly defending his store with a machete.

In Austin on Tuesday night, a man drove towards a crowd of protesters and police but was forced away by officers before any violence had happened.

Not every act of violence during the protests has been committed or instigated by Antifa, but DPS has confirmed their presence. They also confirmed that Antifa is using internet communication to track law enforcement movement and plan their measures accordingly.

With the Target looting, police responded to reports of a crowd damaging property and stealing but found no looters in the vicinity upon arrival — only various items scattered about on the ground.

Since the recent acts of violence scattered throughout the large protests, President Trump announced his intention to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization. Attorney General Bill Barr said the administration has “evidence that Antifa and other similar extremist groups…have been involved in instigating and participating in the violent activity.”

That is part of a larger effort to crack down on the lawlessness exhibited by a group dedicated to combatting “fascists” and others of whom they disapprove through violent measures.


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