FederalImmigration & BorderBorder Agents Rescue Two-Year-old Honduran Boy ‘Abandoned’ in Rio Grande Valley

Border agents encountered about 38,000 unaccompanied minors in the first half of Fiscal Year 2022, which began in October.
April 27, 2022
Border agents in the Rio Grande Valley rescued a two-year-old Honduran boy last week who had been “abandoned” by a group of more than three dozen illegal aliens.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced the rescue in a news release and stated that more than 38,000 “noncitizen unaccompanied” children have been encountered by the agency in the first six months of the current fiscal year, which began in October.

“Agents questioned the group to obtain any information on the boy, however no one claimed to know the child. Agents discovered a birth certificate on the boy with the father’s information handwritten on the back,” the agency said. 

“The child was medically screened by a Border Patrol Emergency Medical Technician, who determined the child was in good health. The child was transported to the station for further investigation.”

CBP added, “Many of the unaccompanied children encountered by Border Patrol are very young and unable to provide names or phone numbers of family members. To locate an NUC’s next of kin, agents must rely on information written on articles of clothing or handwritten notes found among their property.”

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According to CBP’s most recent operational update, the number of encounters with unaccompanied minors increased by 18 percent from just under 12,000 in February to over 14,000 in March.

The agency said that an average of 582 unaccompanied children were in its custody each day in March, increasing from an average of 520 in February.

Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has instituted policies that focus enforcement and removal proceedings on accused criminals and others the federal Department of Homeland Security considers a public safety risk.

The Biden administration has not expelled unaccompanied minors under the special Title 42 order enforced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Via a temporary restraining order, a federal judge on Wednesday blocked the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from rescinding the public health order as the agency intended to do on May 23 of this year.

CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus has indicated the agency expects an increase in enforcement encounters when Title 42 is ended.

When illegal immigration spiked last year, the federal government struggled to house the number of unaccompanied minors being taken into custody. The Federal Emergency Management Agency even leased the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center to house them.

Republicans also criticized the Biden administration for its ostensible lack of transparency regarding conditions in the facilities housing unaccompanied children.

Thousands of times per year, illegal aliens falsely state to border agents that they are related to children traveling with them, per the CBP.

At an event in El Paso on October 29, 2019, Mark Morgan, who was then the acting commissioner of CBP, commented on minors apprehended by border agents. 

He also touted the record-setting decrease in illegal crossings under the Trump administration and compared Trump’s policies to President Obama’s.

“[Illegal aliens] were coached and mentored and given what to say by the cartels and the human smuggling organizations: You grab a kid, and that is your U.S. passport,” Morgan said. “That will guarantee you entry into the United States. … And guess what, they were right.”


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