Career Opportunities

Interested in working for The Texan? Apply today.

Journalist/Staff Writer

This person will:

  • Work with our Senior Editor to write compelling pieces firmly rooted in fact and truth to be published on our platform.
  • If called upon, exhibit the ability to interview some of the highest-profile Texans professionally and thoroughly.

Successful applicants will have:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience.
  • An absolute enthusiasm for telling the real stories that affect everyday Texans.
  • A compelling command of the English language and the ability to communicate clearly, effectively, and engagingly using the written word. A zeal for fact-checking and research.
  • The ability to multitask and handle multiple projects and stories simultaneously and professionally.
  • The willingness, commitment, and stamina to work whenever and wherever there is a story to write or news to be covered.
  • Familiarity with public policy or Texas politics and/or experience in the newsroom and familiarity with the process and fast-paced world of journalism.
  • The ability to work and manage effectively within time constraints and deadlines.
  • The independence of a self-starter while still engaging in selfless collaboration with a close-knit team.
  • The willingness to move to Austin, Texas.

Interested parties should contact: McKenzie Taylor — [email protected]

Administrative Assistant

This person will:

  • Manage and organize all office scheduling, including onsite podcast interviews, continuing education sessions, and networking lunches for our reporting team.
  • Book media appearances for the CEO, editor, and reporters to raise awareness of The Texan.
  • Respond to office calls and emails related to subscription issues and tips for the editor.
  • Troubleshoot WordPress website and customer management system issues. 
  • Manage the administrative and HR operations of the company, including personnel, payroll, expenses, employee benefits, and onboarding and offboarding procedures.
  • Manage supplies and presentation of the Austin office.
  • Schedule and attend CEO outreach presentations at grassroots events throughout Texas to build subscriptions and contact lists and will assist in creating the PowerPoint presentation for those events.
  • Plan and organize an annual dinner event with an influential speaker(s) that focuses on entertaining but also educating attendees about the crisis in legacy media.
  • Report directly to the Marketing and Media Manager.

Successful applicants will have:

  • Share enthusiasm for the mission of The Texan.
  • Be familiar with public policy, grassroots networks, or politics.
  • Have experience in administrative assistance, office management, HR, or outreach.
  • Be organized, detail-oriented, efficient, excellent with customer service, and willing to take initiative.
  • Be familiar with WordPress, Active Campaign, and Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Be located in or willing to relocate to Austin, Texas.

Interested parties should contact: Daniel Friend — [email protected]