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The residents of Carroll ISD, largely located within Southlake, once again elected conservative candidates by a wide margin.
May 10, 2022
The ongoing battle to put a majority of conservatives on the school board in Carroll Independent School District (ISD) culminated with two more victories by large margins on Saturday, May 7.

The unofficial election results showed the winners as Alex Sexton in Place 6 and Andrew Yeager in Place 7, each winning with over 70 percent of the vote.

Carroll ISD is one of the original battlegrounds for fighting against concepts associated with critical race theory being found in school districts. The battle began in August 2020 with a proposed “cultural competence action plan” (CCAP) that many parents opposed.

In May 2021, two candidates, Cameron Bryan and Hannah Smith, won seats on the school board. After a resignation, Yeager won in November to fill the unexpired term. He has now won a full term on the board of trustees.

Sexton and Yeager were both backed by the Southlake Families Political Action Committee (PAC), which has as its goals “academic excellence, transparent accountability, fiscal responsibility and upholding character, integrity, a strong work ethic, and leadership in our community.” Its website acknowledges that “racism is a real problem,” but that “CCAP is not a real solution.”

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Their opponents were Laura Durant in Place 6 and Stephanie Williams in Place 7. They were both endorsed by the Southlake Anti-Racism Coalition and Dignity for All Texas Students, two groups that laud equity, diversity, and inclusion as their goals.

Yeager told The Texan that he is grateful for the involvement of the community and believes that the school board trustees are now “aligned with the community’s values.” 

He said the top issue raised with his team who knocked on over 9,000 doors in the district was that parents asked that the board “protect their children” from “age-inappropriate materials in schools.” They didn’t say that the materials were there, Yeager pointed out, but emphasized that they wanted their children protected from them.

“I’m very optimistic about the direction of the school district, given the results of and community involvement with developing a five-year strategic plan,” Yeager added.

Sexton was also very pleased with the results of the election and believes the community “responded really well to our message.”

His observation of the strategic planning process is that many parents in Southlake have the same aim. “We all want ‘Dragons’ who are thoughtful, kind, good decision-makers. We want them to be good, selfless servants to the community and able to pursue their passions.”

Sexton is looking forward to supporting the teachers in the district. “We want them to be able to do their job,” he told The Texan.

Tim Davis, a leader in the Southlake Families PAC, is gratified to see that they have achieved a majority of members on the Carroll ISD board of trustees. He became involved when his two-year-old son was born the same week the CCAP was released.

He believes the most recent victory shows that parents are “tired of critical race theory and pornography in school libraries,” but are “motivated by a positive message of getting schools back to excellence in academics.”

Even though they’ve achieved a majority, they will “remain vigilant and involved in the years to come.”

Additionally, he believes Southlake Families PAC has set an example for moms and dads around the country. “We are not unique. When moms and dads come together, we can achieve success for our children.”

Sanjay Veerabathina, a parent in Carroll ISD, is pleased with the election outcome as well. He told The Texan, “The good people of Southlake have decisively defeated the dark forces of division and strife that descended upon this peaceful city and sent a message that the dangerous indoctrination of our kids shall have zero tolerance in Carroll ISD.”

He added that this decisive victory sets Carroll ISD on an “irreversible path of academic excellence that is devoid of political activism.”

The new board members will be sworn into office on May 18.


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