Elections 2020FederalColin Allred Wins Reelection, Defeating Republican Challenger Genevieve Collins

Colin Allred defeated GOP challenger Genevieve Collins with 52 percent of the vote against Collins’ 46 percent.
November 4, 2020
Rep. Colin Allred (D-TX-32) has been reelected to Congress with 52 percent of the vote, successfully defeating Republican businesswoman Genevieve Collins, who received 46 percent of the vote.

Allred thanked his supporters on social media after winning reelection.

“This victory is for North Texas and everyone who believes that if we put our values first, and work hard to deliver results, anything is possible,” Allred said in a tweet on Tuesday night. “I’m honored to represent [the 32nd Congressional District of Texas] and I thank North Texans for trusting me to keep serving this community where I was born and raised.”

In 2018, Allred unseated incumbent Republican Pete Sessions with similar margins. Allred received 52 percent of the vote in that contest while Sessions, who had been in Congress since 1996, received 46 percent.

Sessions ran for Congress again this year in the 17th Congressional District, won the Republican nomination, and defeated Democrat Rick Kennedy on Tuesday. Sessions will serve in Congress alongside Allred, his former rival.

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Collins had asserted that Allred is just another vote in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s column, calling him an “ineffective, party-line politician.” 

The businesswoman had also stated her support for Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court and promoted new liability protections for businesses during economically uncertain times spurred by coronavirus mitigation measures.

On the campaign trail, Allred touted his work on the new Veterans Affairs hospital in Garland, among other projects, and contended that House Democrats had done everything possible to deliver economic relief to Americans but were unable to secure cooperation from Senate Republicans. 

The congressman also took the position that Justice Barrett should not have been confirmed so soon before Election Day. 

Allred raised $5.3 million during his reelection bid, while Collins raised $5.1 million, which includes $1.48 million in loans she made to her own campaign.

The Texan has reached out to Collins for a statement.


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