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Just over a year out from the 2020 election, fundraising is a key indicator of where Texas candidates stands in their respective races.
October 17, 2019

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This week, the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) campaign finance reporting deadline came and passed. While many eyes are on the presidential election and specifically the two Texans that are struggling to stay afloat in that race, the money race for other statewide and state-level elections are shaping up.

The Texan compiled the available fundraising numbers for every candidate in each federal office race up for election in 2020. Candidates whose columns are left blank did not have an October quarterly report available on the FEC’s site.

A few are especially noteworthy.

In the Senate race, Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) is facing a slew of Democrats all slugging it out in their primary. He announced a haul of $3.2 million dollars after the reporting period closed earlier this month. But his contributions only amounted to $2.2 million.

Cornyn received that extra $1 million from other sources, most notably through “Transfers From Other Authorized Committees” which amounted to over $870,000.

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One of his opponents, MJ Hegar, similarly announced a $1 million-plus haul. Hegar brought in $977,000 in contributions, with the rest coming from other sources including $45,000 from “Transfers From Other Authorized Committees.”

Freshman Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher (D-07) raised over $640,000 while her main opponent, Wesley Hunt, pulled in over $468,000.

Congressman Chip Roy (R-21) raised over $575,000 while his opponent, former State Senator Wendy Davis, brought in over $940,000 — however, Roy has over $1 million in cash on hand, while Davis has just over $600,000.

Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-27) edged out his Democratic primary challenger, Jessica Cisneros, raising over $375,000 to her  $318,000. Freshman incumbent Rep. Colin Allred (D-32) pulled in over $580,000, while his Republican challengers, Genevieve Collins and Floyd McLendon, raised $477,000 and $46,000 respectively.

At this stage, fundraising numbers are the best way to separate the contenders from the pretenders — and going forward, that difference will likely become even starker. The Texan will continue to monitor these races as the 2020 election nears.

Race / NameQ3 RaisedTotal RaisedCoH
Chris Bell (D)$206,629.80$206,629.80$111,734.98
John Cornyn (R)$3,172,857.59$13,522,622.85$10,785,448.77
Amanda Edwards (D)$557,430.43$557,430.43$337,785.24
MJ Hegar (D)$1,029,041.82$2,058,115.28$893,657.57
Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez (D)$459,442.70$459,442.70$225,489.37
Dwayne Stovall (R)
Royce West (D)$549,708.90$549,708.90$376,782.29
Mark Yancey (R)
District 01
Brent Beal (D)
Hank Gilbert (D)
Louie Gohmert (R)$84,357.43$220,121.12$10,490.97
District 02
Dan Crenshaw (R)$1,371,274.71$2,750,859.38$1,625,270.99
Elisa Cardnell (D)$100,326.54$177,733.97$61,847.39
District 03
Roger Barone (R)
Lorie Burch (D)$0.00$50,228.98-$373.28
Tanner Do (D)$13,760.40$16,947.08$1,221.12
Sean McCaffity (D)$155,404.57$155,404.57$148,324.52
Al Robertson (D)
Helane Seikaly (D)
Van Taylor (R)$213,450.76$1,247,782.36$765,584.86
District 04
John Ratcliffe (R)$95,074.17$274,900.93$444,415.74
District 05
Lance Gooden (R)$192,635.00$739,085.00$558,833.55
District 06
Stephen Daniel (D)$111,009.27$111,009.27$40,600.06
Imran Khan (D)
Ron Wright (R)$106,255.69$704,357.75$112,394.54
District 07
Thomas Devor (R)
Maria Espinoza (R)$10,835.00$10,835.00$6,026.94
Lizzie Fletcher (D)$640,008.95$1,834,661.64$1,439,978.84
Wesley Hunt (R)$468,655.52$982,690.52$665,537.71
James Noteware (R)$34,758.70$34,758.70$1,877.15
Cynthia Siegel (R)$66,799.21$327,793.29$124,251.70
District 08
Kevin Brady (R)$228,523.31$1,328,069.73$1,080,481.48
Jacob Osborne (D)
District 09
Al Green (D)$31,935.81$142,788.35$198,107.22
Jon Menefee (R)$15,548.00$31,762.46$1,980.53
Johnny Teague (R)$11,495.00$11,495.00$1,608.00
Melissa Williams (D)$31,514.63$31,514.63$1,755.26
District 10
Michael McCaul (R)$334,407.81$1,200,614.30$819,939.41
Pritesh Gandhi (D)$185,427.98$527,967.60$317,978.18
Shannon Hutcheson (D)$210,203.24$534,515.77$372,850.08
Michael Siegel (D)$108,712.65$367,686.11$151,650.14
District 11
Wacey Alpha Cody (R)
J.Ross Lacy (R)$144,336.03$144,336.03$133,959.33
Ross Schumann (R)
Jon Mark Hogg (D)$9,717.00$9,717.00$7,487.95
Ned Steve Luscombe (R)
Wesley Virdell (R)
August Pfluger (R)$704,910.00$704,910.00$699,776.42
Robert Tucker (R)
Brandon Batch (R)
District 12
Kay Granger (R)$283,851.20$1,050,514.47$562,887.05
Chris Putnam (R)$455,785.00$455,785.00$448,110.00
Lisa Welch (D)$8,048.95$8,048.95$6,509.99
Albert Woolum (D)
District 13
Greg Sagan (D)$1,165.20$1,165.20$1,775.35
District 14
Randy Weber (R)$158,470.00$334,811.07$602,249.96
Adrienne Bell (D)$34,797.74$34,797.74$318.54
Sanjanetta Barnes (D)$6,422.88$13,986.43$7,894.61
Robert Thomas (D)
Joshua Foxworth (R)
District 15
Vicente Gonzales (D)$160,275.70$398,825.29$983,792.01
Timmy Lee Westley (R)
Ryan Patrick Krause (R)$0.00$0.00$472.92
District 16
Veronica Escobar (D)$102,163.47$362,547.15$380,101.95
Samuel Lee Williams (R)$9,367.37$11,440.57$3,555.98
Pedro Aguero (R)
Irene Armendariz-Jackson (R)$11,010.00$11,010.00$260.21
Jaime Arrriola (R)
Jorge Artalejo (D)
District 17
Richard Kennedy (D)$17,670.00$32,380.92$17,646.48
Trent Sutton (R)
District 18
Sheila Jackson Lee (D)$103,790.00$335,534.76$275,807.36
Marc Flores (D)$11,759.71$11,759.71$31,615.14
Bimal Patel (D)$11,469.40$11,469.40$11,877.70
Stevens Orozco (D)$1,249.96$3,472.65$84.55
Ava Pate (R)$200.00$11,170.07$1,959.84
Wendell Champion (R)$19,681.89$19,681.89$14,949.14
District 19
Jodey Arrington (R)$248,633.51$970,455.97$1,087,883.69
District 20
Joaquin Castro (D)$73,617.39$204,765.27$91,826.99
Mauro Garza (R)
Adam Jonasz (N)
Justin Lecea (D)
Eldon McQueen (D)$0.00$0.00$0.00
Dominick Andrew Dina (R)$8,815.00$8,815.00$7,663.99
Anita Marie Kegley (R)$2,552.00$2,552.00$2,552.00
Joshua Daniel Carrizales (R)$1,440.00$1,440.00$916.09
District 21
Bruce Boville (D)$0.00$0.00$0.00
Wendy Davis (D)$940,581.91$940,581.91$603,936.23
Michael Felts (D)
Virginia Leeder (D)$4,832.10$19,733.16$1,182.40
Chip Roy (R)$574,216.72$1,242,855.59$1,081,222.42
District 22
Douglas Haggard (R)$5,000.00$5,000.00$5,000.00
Greg Hill (R)$217,553.00$217,553.00$179,005.68
Matthew Hinton (R)
Felicia Hoss (R)$211,247.00$211,247.00$209,926.92
Sri Kulkarni (D)$396,314.47$809,848.94$545,687.90
Diana Miller (R)
Nyanza Moore (D)$38,605.81$112,311.20$9,447.52
Shandon Phan (R)
Howard Steele (R)$42,181.36$42,181.36$120.00
Thaddeus Walz (R)$14,030.00$14,030.00$11,192.25
District 23
Alma Arredondo-Lynch (R)$14,137.14$37,525.62$8,086.07
Jaime Escuder (D)$5,597.70$5,597.70$4,543.36
Ernest Gonzales (R)$151,791.65$151,791.65$106,560.05
Cecil Jones (R)
Gina Ortiz Jones (D)$1,065,212.36$1,838,541.84$1,440,396.73
Rosalinda Ramos Abuabara (D)
Raul Reyes (R)$79,582.06$95,267.06$50,469.28
Liz Wahl (D)$1,601.00$9,000.66$2,478.94
Brandyn Waterman (D)
District 24
John Biggan (D)$18,948.00$45,893.27$9,894.13
Suneetha Chaparala (R)
David Fegan (R)$40,471.03$40,471.03$27,009.86
William Fisher (D)$0.00$2,243.66$8,194.94
Richard Fleming (D)$11,863.22$12,013.22$3,125.58
Crystal Fletcher (D)$16,497.00$122,427.20$87,327.99
Stephen Kuzmich (I)$16,825.00$65,500.00$21,089.15
Jeron Liverman (R)$5,650.00$5,650.00$5,637.02
Jan McDowell (D)$17,478.95$59,263.57$18,316.13
Michael Moates (R)
Kimberly Olson (D)$264,175.77$567,394.29$325,685.44
Candace Valenzuela (D)$119,648.87$201,377.14$108,563.08
Elizabeth Van Duyne (R)$346,812.93$346,812.93$318,757.95
District 25
Christian Johnson (D)
Julie Oliver (D)$101,908.75$223,417.45$147,580.47
Heidi Sloan (D)$56,043.56$56,043.56$32,918.03
Roger Williams (R)$240,261.14$944,911.51$1,387,157.11
District 26
Michael Burgess (R)$122,157.53$447,575.54$471,254.36
Carol Higbee Iannuzzi (D)$9,944.72$67,828.00$32,288.46
Jason Mrochek (R)$7,733.61$24,093.61$6,275.29
Mateo Pruneda (D)$4,864.20$12,139.20$392.63
Neil Durrance (D)
Jack Wyman (R)$85,693.00$85,693.00$62,158.57
Jay Taylor (I)
District 27
Michael Cloud (R)$135,299.19$415,971.78$280,185.29
Michael Lawrence (R)
District 28
Henry Cuellar (D)$376,941.98$1,117,213.19$3,244,434.04
Jessica Cisneros (D)$317,759.89$465,026.50$291,697.45
Sandra Whitten (R)
District 29
Sylvia Garcia (D)$148,915.02$304,548.22$285,623.23
Nile Irsan (R)
District 30
Eddie Bernice Johnson (D)$137,956.00$189,422.00$413,753.06
Shenita Cleveland (D)
Demetrick Pennie (R)$1,781.54$1,781.54$1,781.54
District 31
John Carter (R)$151,955.66$873,005.73$725,560.25
Christine Mann (D)$53,143.82$42,305.69$42,305.69
Michael Howard Williams (R)$4,251.56$14,251.56$9,542.17
Murray Holcomb (D)$30,385.98$66,610.98$8,840.29
Jon Curtis (D)$1,041.40$2,078.39$0.64
John Bohlin (R)
Abhiram Garapati (R)
Jeremiah Landin (D)
Donna Imam (D)$60,441.05$60,441.05$53,352.97
Eric Hanke (D)$18,302.00$18,302.00$9,203.11
Dan Janjigian (D)$23,265.00$23,265.00$21,016.70
District 32
Colin Allred (D)$583,334.30$1,854,768.45$1,453,457.02
Tania Burgess (R)$2,480.80$10,770.08$1,284.17
Floyd McLendon, Jr. (R)$46,538.36$46,538.36$41,137.42
Genevieve Collins (R)$477,587.99$477,587.99$445,946.08
Nhat-Nam Nguyen Pham (R)
District 33
Marc Veasey (D)$249,545.00$622,690.66$659,380.62
Fabian Cordova Vasquez (R)$4,827.60$5,927.60$758.76
Viktor Valencia Avalos (D)
Richard Arthur Helms (R)
Carlos Quintanilla (I)
District 34
Filemon Vela (D)$76,101.66$451,830.42$769,421.98
District 35
Lloyd Doggett (D)$319,310.00$548,471.01$4,621,750.01
District 36
Brian Babin (R)$140,365.48$522,460.59$1,024,199.06
RJ Boatman (R)$112,220.88$112,220.88$76,975.08


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