Elections 2022FederalDemocrat Jessica Cisneros Tops Cruz, Crenshaw with Latest Fundraising Numbers of Texas Federal Candidates

Out of all federal candidates in Texas, Jessica Cisneros reported raising the most in the first quarter of 2022.
April 18, 2022
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX-02) are frequently the top fundraisers among Texans running for federal office.

Once again, the two raised substantial sums in the latest filing with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), but one Democrat in South Texas outraised everyone: Jessica Cisneros, who is currently in a runoff against Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX-28).

For the latest report, which covers the period from February 10 through the end of March — another pre-primary election report covered the beginning of the year — Cisneros reported raising $1.7 million.

Crenshaw trailed with $1.3 million for the period.

Cruz, who did not appear on the primary ballot and only filed one report for the first three months of the year, reported $1.5 million.

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Even accounting for the totals from the pre-primary report, Cisneros remains the top fundraiser among federal candidates in Texas this year.

She has reported raising $2.4 million, ahead of Crenshaw’s $1.9 million or the $2 million raised by Cruz when including the half-million raised by the Ted Cruz Victory Committee.

Only one other candidate raised over a million for the quarter: Wesley Hunt, the GOP nominee for Texas’ new Congressional District (CD) 38, raised $1.3 million.

However, despite Cisneros’ aggressive fundraising, Cuellar has put up a strong financial defense.

Raising $770,000 — still among the top for candidates in Texas — Cuellar’s cash-on-hand at the end of March sat at $1.4 million, about $400,000 more than Cisneros’ total heading into the second quarter of the year.

The high fundraising totals for both candidates underscore the competitiveness of the Democratic runoff contest in CD 28.

Cisneros, who ran a close race against Cuellar in 2020, trailed behind the incumbent by only a thousand votes in the March 1 primary at 46.6 percent against Cuellar’s 48.7 percent.

Three other congressional races are also headed to runoffs, but none were as close as the Democratic primary involving Cuellar and Cisneros.

Former Ted Cruz staffer Cassy Garcia led the Republican primary for CD 28 with 23.5 percent of the vote, with Sandra Whitten trailing at 18 percent. In the recent finance reports, Garcia also led in fundraising for the quarter with $134,000 while Whitten trailed with $24,000.

In the Democratic primary for CD 30, state Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-Dallas) almost clinched the nomination but fell short with only 48.5 percent of the vote, while Jane Hope Hamilton trailed in second with 17 percent.

Crockett reported raising $401,000 for the first quarter, and Hamilton reported raising a competitive $327,000.

Lastly, in the Democratic primary for CD 15, Ruben Ramirez led the March 1 primary field of six candidates with 28.3 percent of the vote, and Michelle Vallejo trailed with 20.1 percent.

Fundraising totals between the two runoff candidates for the quarter were close, with Ramirez reporting $248,000 and Vallejo reporting $234,000.

Other top fundraisers for the quarter include Rep. Jake Ellzey (R-TX-06) with $944,000, CD 8 GOP nominee Morgan Luttrell with $743,000, and CD 15 GOP nominee Monica De La Cruz with $725,000.

A table of more fundraising totals can be found below.

Lloyd Doggett (D)*37$5,007,649.92$637,022.03$163,934.20
Ted Cruz (R)*Sen$4,801,825.94$1,701,510.99$1,475,336.03
Dan Crenshaw (R)*2$3,257,314.09$3,205,005.53$1,946,239.45
Lizzie Fletcher (D)*7$2,142,004.70$207,375.69$359,360.11
Wesley Hunt (R)38$1,863,876.22$987,866.16$1,296,676.89
Colin Allred (D)*32$1,762,498.85$279,025.32$289,877.29
Beth Van Duyne (R)*24$1,620,003.11$422,152.18$670,380.62
August Pfluger (R)*11$1,578,926.44$345,155.44$385,418.86
Henry Cuellar (D)*28$1,438,575.32$1,808,665.98$769,672.11
Vicente Gonzalez (D)*34$1,339,633.28$1,078,705.33$301,605.95
Jodey Arrington (R)*19$1,266,247.39$165,673.75$308,156.00
Tony Gonzales (R)*23$1,252,980.54$646,980.87$592,157.71
John Cornyn (R)*Sen$1,146,489.49$244,834.60$199,371.75
Chip Roy (R)*21$1,087,173.79$179,021.46$214,063.63
Jessica Cisneros (D)28$1,037,623.89$1,893,148.39$2,436,714.19
Brian Babin (R)*36$862,177.69$192,680.46$149,891.34
Marc Veasey (D)*33$836,262.75$345,153.87$329,095.47
Ronny Jackson (R)*13$789,744.22$920,407.21$630,863.52
Morgan Luttrell (R)8$576,487.98$1,785,025.26$743,355.41
Randy Weber (R)*14$573,521.66$139,757.72$196,282.07
Sheila Jackson Lee (D)*18$540,351.58$64,039.12$222,308.04
Kay Granger (R)*12$526,679.42$554,503.78$323,869.97
Sylvia Garcia (D)*29$526,578.24$71,185.17$141,994.75
Michael McCaul (R)*10$513,656.10$599,256.81$335,459.64
Lance Gooden (R)*5$444,797.95$152,712.08$211,220.00
Jake Ellzey (R)*6$421,930.50$1,160,216.48$944,839.60
Troy Nehls (R)*22$417,019.69$63,771.44$113,373.33
Veronica Escobar (D)*16$412,546.25$180,289.97$228,071.39
John Carter (R)*31$380,980.46$349,574.30$221,461.34
Roger Williams (R)*25$369,705.83$232,169.66$238,122.71
Monica de la Cruz (R)15$361,601.04$989,338.44$725,331.88
Michael Burgess (R)*26$317,453.14$230,578.40$257,251.84
Al Green (D)*9$297,870.79$66,165.19$45,814.72
Joaquin Castro (D)*20$273,073.20$66,845.86$117,281.77
Michael Cloud (R)*27$195,113.25$348,943.28$197,857.00
Pete Sessions (R)*17$142,244.47$301,634.69$153,605.03
Pat Fallon (R)*4$122,877.23$581,355.94$270,845.87
Mayra Flores (R)34$120,605.44$98,722.22$160,557.67
Jasmine Crockett (D)30$117,931.67$363,480.48$401,225.79
Cassy Garcia (R)28$115,183.20$101,482.42$133,807.42
Nathaniel Moran (R)1$103,042.83$525,264.82$309,095.37
Ruben Ramirez (D)15$99,698.89$223,004.34$248,478.00
Jane Hope Hamilton (D)30$95,098.95$303,076.08$326,849.98
Michelle Vallejo (D)15$82,621.74$210,407.79$234,403.43
John Lira (D)23$62,754.55$103,152.23$109,281.57
Greg Casar (D)35$25,187.26$993,318.25$662,795.82
Sandra Whitten (R)28$9,142.61$14,000.64$23,902.62


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