FederalIssuesEXCLUSIVE: Rep. Ron Wright Responds to Video by Abortion Activists

The freshman Texas congressman provided a statement to The Texan in response to a video ambush by abortion activists outside the U.S. Capitol.
On May 30, Rep. Ron Wright (R-TX-6) was walking toward the Cannon House Office Building in Washington D.C. before being approached by abortion activists with a group called Reproaction, who began filming their conversation.

The beginning of the conversation released by Reproaction starts with Wright stating, “I’m opposed to abortion at any time.”

When asked whether he’s concerned that women who give themselves abortions could be sent to prison, Wright said, “As far as I’m concerned, they committed murder.”

The abortion activist continued by asking whether women should be punished for having abortions, to which Wright responded, “Of course they should.”

However, the opening of the video produced by Reproaction does not start with the beginning of their conversation with the Texas congressman.

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In fact, the first few seconds of Reproaction’s video only shows the tail end of their conversation with Wright.

Since the video’s release, abortion advocates have been vocal in their opposition.

Rep. Ron Wright (R-TX-6) submitted the following statement to The Texan to give context after the statements he made in the video.

“My heart goes out to women who have had abortions. My heart breaks for those who suffer from the latent effects they experience. I pray for them. Nothing can mask the fact that abortion is the taking of an innocent life. But my remarks were directed to those who perform abortions. Those who perform the abortions should be held responsible. I will not cower from pro-abortion radicals who push an agenda of death.  Abortion is wrong. Life begins at conception and every life has value. Abortion is the taking of that innocent life.”

The sixth congressional district spans across a portion of Tarrant County, and encompasses all of Ellis and Navarro counties.

Wright served as the former tax assessor for Tarrant County, and then as the chief of staff for former Rep. Joe Barton, who held the seat prior to Wright’s election.

Wright sits on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and the House Committee on Education and Labor.


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