IssuesFollowing Incumbent’s DWI Arrest, Republican Dolcefino Announces Run for Texas House

The arrest of state Rep. Dan Huberty has led at least one new candidate to file for the 2022 election in a heavily Republican district.
April 27, 2021
Following news that Texas Rep. Dan Huberty (R-Houston) was arrested for driving while intoxicated last weekend, at least one new candidate has filed to run to represent the heavily Republican House District 127 in northeastern Harris County.

Anthony Dolcefino confirmed to The Texan that he filed a treasurer’s report with the Texas Ethics Commission and launched a campaign website Tuesday.

Former vice-chair of the University of Texas Chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas, Dolcefino ran for an at-large seat on the Houston City Council in 2019 and became the youngest candidate to make a runoff in a major American City. Most recently the 23-year-old Houstonian and son of investigative reporter Wayne Dolcefino worked on President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

Following his arrest, Huberty published a statement on Facebook confirming the driving under the influence arrest that led to a minor automobile accident, but he has not made public his plans regarding the 2022 elections. 

Dolcefino says as a candidate for Houston’s city council he became highly involved with local issues impacting his district, but he also cites what he calls a “growing leftist onslaught and complicity by weak Republicans in Texas politics” as part of his inspiration to run for what many believe could be an open seat in 2022.

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“The assault on our way of life has raged on for too long unopposed. Texas is the frontline in the battle between conservative values and socialist destruction. The only way we can push back is by electing fighters that bring the battle to the Democrats,” Dolcefino wrote in a press release.

His published platform includes plans to fight election fraud with calls for a state audit of ballots after elections and efforts to stop illegal voting and ballot harvesting. He also opposes defunding of police departments, wants to curtail the pretrial release of violent suspects on bonds. 

“Despite Republican majorities at every level of state government, real conservative priorities on Life, the 2nd Amendment, and Election Security are thwarted by the Austin Swamp’s games. It’s time we act like we’re in charge.”

Dolcefino also voiced his support for efforts to declare Texas a Second Amendment sanctuary, end abortion in the state, and create a Texas version of President Trump’s 1776 Commission.

Huberty has held the seat since first winning election in 2010 and has previously served as chair of the House Committee on Public Education. He won his 2020 re-election bid with more than 70 percent of the vote against Libertarian candidate Ryan Woods. Since 2012, no Democrat has run in the district that includes Kingwood, Atascocita, and parts of Humble. 


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