Elections 2022Former Republican State Sen. Pete Flores Launches Campaign for Redrawn Senate District

Former state Sen. Pete Flores is launching a campaign for the legislature based on the new Senate map proposed for redistricting.
September 20, 2021
With a recently proposed new map for the Texas Senate district boundaries that includes an open Republican seat that dips down into his hometown of Pleasanton, former state Sen. Pete Flores announced a campaign to return to the legislature in Senate District (SD) 24.

“Today we kickoff a new chapter – a new campaign in service to the people of Texas. I have proven myself to be an able legislator and a tenacious campaigner,” said Flores in a press release.

“There is no one who will campaign harder or is better equipped to represent the people of District 24 in the Texas Senate.”

SD 24 is being left open by Sen. Dawn Buckingham (R-Lakeway), who is not seeking reelection but rather running to be the Texas land commissioner.

Shortly after Flores’ announcement, Buckingham endorsed her former colleague.

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“Having served with Pete Flores in the Texas Senate, I’ve seen his compassion for the people of Texas, his commitment to conservative values, and his dedication to serving his constituents,” said Buckingham. “That’s why I can think of no better person to represent the incredible families and communities of Senate District 24 than Pete Flores.”

Flores was first elected to the border district of SD 19 during a special election in 2018, but the competitive seat flipped back to Democratic control in 2020.

But if the proposed map is approved by the legislature, then Flores will no longer be in the border district. Instead, he’ll be in a seat that stretches through the Hill Country up to Bell County, dipping into Williamson County along the way.

The district currently includes more rural counties to the northwest of the state’s capital as well as a portion of Travis County itself. But with Buckingham’s departure, the proposed map would give most of that section to SD 25 held by Sen. Donna Campbell (R-New Braunfels).

“It’s not the old District 19, but it still encompasses the heartland of Texas, the parts of Texas I most closely identify with,” said Flores.

“I know the people and the ideas and values they hold dear. It’s the town squares, cafes and diners, feed stores and Walmarts where I am most comfortable. I intend to continue my service to the people of District 24 and to Texas in the Texas Senate.”

Long before the new maps were released, one other notable Republican had launched a campaign for the district: former Austin city council member Ellen Troxclair, who lives in Travis County.


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