FederalImpeachment Podcast with Sen. Ted Cruz Is Most Popular on iTunes Charts

Sen. Cruz's podcast has been up and running for less than a week and it's already become the most downloaded podcast on Apple's charts.
January 27, 2020
It’s not even been a week since Texas Sen. Ted Cruz announced his impeachment-related podcast with The Daily Wire’s Michael J. Knowles and it has already topped Apple’s iTunes ranking chart. The podcast is called “Verdict w/ Ted Cruz.”

Cruz and Knowles convene each night immediately after impeachment proceedings in the Senate close. To date, five episodes have been published.

Because of the length of impeachment proceedings, recordings of the episode often must be done late at night — one episode, The Texan was informed, was recorded at 3:00 A.M.

“Verdict w/ Ted Cruz” vaulted into the Top 100 a few hours after publishing of the first episode and reached the top spot after taping the fifth episode.

It supplanted, among others, perhaps the most consistently top-rated podcast, the “Joe Rogan Experience.”

The Texan Tumbler

Cruz, who is a lawyer by trade, seems to approach the podcast as a lawyer assessing the performances of those arguing their case on each side — as well as informing the listener how he would argue the case.

Each episode, Cruz recounts the witnesses and evidence of that day’s hearing — critiquing testimony and issuing grades to the prosecution and defense.

A Cruz aide told The Texan, “The Senator has really tapped into something” and the audience is resonating with “his defense of the President and the Constitution.”

The Cruz team believes that Democrats have failed to meet the threshold for impeachment, a reflection of the senator’s daily assessment and breakdown of the ongoing trial. The aide also tells The Texan that the White House is taking note of Sen. Cruz’s strategy and analysis.

The podcast, thus far, has over 500,000 downloads.

The length of the trial is up in the air and could even continue well after the State of the Union on February 4.


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