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RPT Chairman James Dickey discusses why he is running once again for the chairmanship and outlines his take on the 86th legislative session.
August 12, 2019

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Editor’s note: This podcast was recorded before the recent controversy over an alleged quid pro quo offered to Empower Texans by Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen. Chairman Dickey has responded to outlets requesting comment but the issue is not addressed in this interview.

In this interview, Texas Republican Party Chairman James Dickey sits down with The Texan‘s CEO and founder, Konni Burton. In the course of their conversation, Dickey discusses why he is running for reelection, outlines his take on the 86th legislative session, and reveals some of the inner workings of the Republican party in Texas.

In light of the way many grassroots activists have expressed disappointment with the accomplishments of conservative legislators this past session — particularly champions of pro-life legislation and fiscal conservatism — Chairman Dickey qualified his opinion by saying, “I consider it progress.”

He continued, “I would only consider it an unrestricted, one hundred percent success had all of our five legislative priorities been passed. What I find frustrating is people who agree with us on legislative priorities who, for some reason, want to pretend that failure to pass all five equates to utter failure.”

Watch the full interview with chairman Dickey below.

Last month, former Florida Congressman Allen West announced he is considering running for chairman Dickey’s seat. Last week, West joined The Texan’s podcast to discuss his vision for the party.


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