Elections 2022Local NewsTaxes & SpendingLocal Bond Proposals Total $18.5 Billion in Texas’ May 7 Elections

Voters across Texas will see a variety of local government bond proposals before them on their May 7 ballots.
April 25, 2022
Over 200 bond proposals will be on voters’ ballots across the state for the May 7 local elections. In total, $18.5 billion in spending is awaiting approval or denial by voters.

Data from the Bond Review Board

Across the 207 bond items, 83 percent are from school districts, with 17 percent from cities and only one item from a water district — a $20.8 million item for water and sewage infrastructure upgrades by the Laguna Madre Water District.

Data from the Bond Review Board

The largest single item is from Forney ISD, which aims to spend nearly $1.3 billion to build five new elementary schools, expand two existing elementary schools, build four middle schools and expand two others, and construct a new high school.

Forney ISD says it expects the district enrollment to grow by 35,000 students in the next decade. On its notice, the district says the bond “will not increase the district’s tax rate,” keeping it steady at $1.3747 per $100 of value. But by not adopting the no-new-revenue rate, this bond would increase property tax collections as appraisals increase.

If approved, the tax bill for an average Forney homeowner will increase about $112 — provided the constitutional amendment bolstering school district homestead exemption from $25,000 to $40,000 passes on the same day.

The Texan Tumbler

Should that constitutional amendment not pass, the bond would cause that tax bill to increase by $318.

In 2019, the Texas legislature capped school district property tax increases at 2.5 percent without voter approval. That means each of these ISD items, requiring voter approval, would increase property taxes by at least 2.5 percent.

Like Forney ISD does here, many localities will sell their bond as fiscally sound if it keeps level or decreases the tax rate, but they all will increase property taxes otherwise voter approval would not be necessary.

The top five most expensive bond items are each school districts, itemized for the construction of new buildings. The sixth most expensive is the City of San Antonio’s $471.6 million bond for street, bridge, and sidewalk renovation. But that is just one of six items San Antonio has put before its constituents, with purposes such as drainage and flood control; parks expansion; library renovations; public safety facility improvements; and miscellaneous affordable housing projects, including housing subsidization for low-income residents.

Over $400 million worth of these proposals are aimed at constructing new stadiums, including Klein ISD’s $75.2 million football stadium proposal that is part of a $1.1 billion bond package.

In total, $3.5 billion of these items are itemized for an athletic facility purpose.

The smallest item up for approval is a $360,000 bond by the City of Winnsboro, population 3,360, for parking lots — but it’s among seven other items totaling $11 million in spending for the city.

Last November, $10.8 billion in local bonds appeared on ballots and for the first time in nearly a decade, a majority of the school district bonds were rejected by voters.

Early voting for the May 7 election begins April 25.

See the full list of bond proposals on the May 7 ballot below.

Issuer NameTypeAmountPurposePurpose Description
Forney ISDISD $1,294,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Northside ISDaISD $992,000,000 OtherSchool Building & Buses
Klein ISDISD $843,800,000 BuildingSchool Building & Security
Humble ISDISD $730,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Community ISDISD $595,604,000 BuildingSchool Building
San AntonioCITY $471,557,000 OtherStreet & Bridge
Sheldon ISDISD $430,670,000 BuildingSchool Building & Technology
Little Elm ISDISD $398,500,000 OtherSchool Building, Buses & Technology
Granbury ISDISD $394,000,000 OtherSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
Medina Valley ISDISD $383,215,400 BuildingSchool Building
Spring Branch ISDISD $381,600,000 BuildingSchool Building & Technology
Fort WorthCITY $369,220,000 OtherMobility Projects
Aubrey ISDISD $354,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Crandall ISDISD $345,000,000 OtherSchool, buses, technology
Galveston ISDISD $314,800,000 OtherSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
Montgomery ISDISD $312,980,000 BuildingSchool Building
Del Valle ISDISD $300,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Pasadena ISDISD $281,269,000 BuildingSchool Building
Eagle Mt-Saginaw ISDISD $275,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Sheldon ISDISD $272,000,000 BuildingMulti-Pupose Center
San AntonioCITY $271,915,000 OtherParks & Rec
Krum ISDISD $244,700,000 BuildingSchool Building
Argyle ISDISD $221,085,000 OtherSchool Building, Buses & Technology
Ector County ISDISD $215,255,000 OtherSchool Building & Technology
Ector County ISDISD $183,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Amarillo ISDISD $180,600,000 BuildingSchool Building & Technology
Longview ISDISD $178,185,000 BuildingSchool Building
San AntonioCITY $169,873,000 OtherDrainage
Greenville ISDISD $169,400,000 BuildingSchool Buidling & Transportation
Belton ISDISD $168,825,000 BuildingSchool Building & Security
Temple ISDISD $164,800,000 BuildingSchool Building
Boerne ISDISD $162,640,000 OtherSchool Building & Buses
Red Oak ISDISD $156,800,000 BuildingSchool Building
Brenham ISDISD $153,900,000 BuildingSchool Building & Security
San AntonioCITY $150,000,000 BuildingHousing Facility
Willis ISDISD $143,050,000 OtherSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
Deer Park ISDISD $142,500,000 OtherSchool Building & Buses
Klein ISDISD $131,300,000 BuildingEvent Center
Sanger ISDISD $130,000,000 BuildingSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
Fort WorthCITY $123,960,000 OtherParks & Rec
Hays CISDISD $115,649,800 OtherSchool Building & Buses
White Settlement ISDISD $115,000,000 BuildingSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
Chapel Hill ISDaISD $113,060,000 BuildingSchool Building
Alvarado ISDISD $107,450,000 BuildingSchool Building/Gym
Huffman ISDISD $98,900,000 OtherSchool, Buses, Tech
Terrell ISDISD $94,358,110 BuildingSchool Building
Mabank ISDISD $94,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Harlandale ISDISD $93,500,000 OtherSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
Sulphur Springs ISDISD $93,000,000 OtherSchool Building & Buses
Coupland ISDISD $91,600,000 OtherSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
Columbus ISDISD $90,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Tyler ISDISD $89,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Cedar ParkCITY $86,600,000 OtherTransportation
Joshua ISDISD $84,650,000 BuildingSchool Building & Technology
Fort Stockton ISDISD $84,000,000 OtherSchool Building & Buses
Bullard ISDISD $82,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Fredericksburg ISDISD $82,000,000 OtherSchool, Buses, Tech
Kaufman ISDISD $79,600,000 OtherSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
London ISDISD $79,450,000 BuildingSchool Building
Gunter ISDISD $78,800,000 BuildingSchool Building
San AntonioCITY $78,280,000 BuildingPublic Safety Facilities
MansfieldCITY $78,000,000 OtherLibrary
Klein ISDISD $75,200,000 OtherStadium
Wills Point ISDISD $71,965,000 BuildingSchool Building
Corsicana ISDISD $70,393,094 BuildingSchool Building
Aransas County ISDISD $66,000,000 OtherSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
Thrall ISDISD $64,816,680 OtherSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
Willis ISDISD $62,570,000 OtherStadium
Pottsboro ISDISD $62,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
San AntonioCITY $58,375,000 BuildingLibrary
Bridge City ISDISD $57,700,000 BuildingSchool Building
Buena Vista ISDISD $56,000,000 OtherSchool Building & Buses
MansfieldCITY $55,000,000 OtherSports Complex
Bonham ISDISD $53,600,000 BuildingSchool Building
Ferris ISDISD $53,000,000 OtherSchool Building & Security
BurlesonCITY $52,400,000 OtherPublic Safety
Klein ISDISD $51,500,000 OtherTechnology
Stephenville ISDISD $50,000,000 OtherStadium
Shallowater ISDISD $48,500,000 BuildingSchool Building
Amarillo ISDISD $48,000,000 BuildingMulti-Pupose Center
Woodville ISDISD $47,850,000 BuildingSchool Building
Anahuac ISDISD $47,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
LongviewCITY $45,600,000 OtherPensionObligation
KerrvilleCITY $45,000,000 BuildingPublic Safety Facilities
Red Oak ISDISD $45,000,000 OtherStadium
Humble ISDISD $45,000,000 OtherTechnology
Granger ISDISD $44,000,000 OtherBuilding, Athletic Facility & Transportation
Trenton ISDISD $43,250,000 BuildingSchool Building
Florence ISDISD $42,750,000 BuildingSchool Building
Cedar ParkCITY $42,200,000 OtherPark
Longview ISDISD $40,795,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
Blanco ISDISD $40,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Pleasant Grove ISDISD $39,900,000 OtherSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
Mount Vernon ISDISD $39,500,000 BuildingSchool Building
Fort WorthCITY $39,320,000 OtherPolice & Fire
Marion ISDISD $39,300,000 BuildingSchool Building
Littlefield ISDISD $39,085,000 OtherSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
Santa Fe ISDISD $39,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Connally ISDISD $39,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Amarillo ISDISD $38,300,000 BuildingNatatorium
Community ISDISD $35,058,000 BuildingMulti-Pupose Center
Goliad ISDISD $35,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Crandall ISDISD $35,000,000 OtherStadium
Sheldon ISDISD $33,900,000 BuildingNatatorium
BurlesonCITY $33,600,000 OtherStreet
Aubrey ISDISD $31,900,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
Krum ISDISD $30,300,000 OtherStadium
Cedar ParkCITY $30,000,000 OtherPublic Safety Facilities
Goliad ISDISD $30,000,000 BuildingSchool Building Improvements
Mineola ISDISD $29,855,000 BuildingSchool Building
Seymour ISDISD $29,500,000 BuildingSchool Building
Chilton ISDISD $28,900,000 OtherSchool Building, Atheltics, Renovations
Argyle ISDISD $26,915,000 OtherStadium
Ingram ISDISD $25,232,400 OtherSchool Building & Buses
Stephenville ISDISD $25,000,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
Haltom CityCITY $25,000,000 BuildingCity Hall
New Diana ISDISD $23,210,000 BuildingSchool Building
Harlandale ISDISD $22,000,000 RefundRefunding Notes
Bullard ISDISD $21,000,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
Laguna Madre WDWD $20,800,000 OtherWater & Sewer
Brownsboro ISDISD $20,500,000 BuildingSchool Building & Technology
Crandall ISDISD $20,000,000 OtherPerforming Arts
Itasca ISDISD $20,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Bartlett ISDISD $20,000,000 OtherSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
Argyle ISDISD $19,885,000 OtherSchool Building, Atheltics, Renovations
Willis ISDISD $19,390,000 OtherAquatic Center
Community ISDISD $19,338,000 OtherStadium
Amarillo ISDISD $19,000,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
Red Oak ISDISD $19,000,000 OtherTransportation
Normangee ISDISD $18,600,000 OtherSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
Live OakCITY $18,000,000 OtherStreet & Bridge
Alvarado ISDISD $17,550,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
Deer Park ISDISD $17,500,000 OtherTechnology
Louise ISDISD $17,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Beckville ISDISD $17,000,000 OtherSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
Idalou ISDISD $16,100,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
Alba-Golden ISDISD $16,000,000 BuildingSchool Building/Gym
Prairiland ISDISD $16,000,000 OtherSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
Cameron ISDISD $15,900,000 BuildingSchool Building
Veribest ISDISD $15,500,000 BuildingSchool Building
London ISDISD $15,180,000 OtherStadium
Fort WorthCITY $15,000,000 OtherPark
Whitewright ISDISD $15,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Pasadena ISDISD $14,921,000 OtherTechnology
Bridge City ISDISD $14,700,000 BuildingSchool Building
Ferris ISDISD $14,000,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
Hallettsville ISDISD $13,820,000 BuildingSchool Building
Joshua ISDISD $12,850,000 BuildingMulti-Pupose Center
Mount Vernon ISDISD $12,800,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
Era ISDISD $12,720,000 BuildingSchool Building
Fort WorthCITY $12,500,000 OtherLibrary
Chapel Hill ISDaISD $12,180,000 OtherSchool Building, Atheltics, Renovations
Ferris ISDISD $12,000,000 OtherPerforming Arts
Waelder ISDISD $12,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Abbott ISDISD $12,000,000 OtherSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
Fort Stockton ISDISD $12,000,000 OtherStadium
Paint Rock ISDISD $11,750,000 BuildingSchool Building
Callisburg ISDISD $11,481,250 BuildingSchool Building
MansfieldCITY $10,500,000 OtherParks & Rec
Shavano ParkCITY $10,000,000 OtherRoad
Brookesmith ISDISD $9,950,000 OtherSchool Building, Atheltics, Renovations
Callisburg ISDISD $9,893,750 OtherStadium
Corsicana ISDISD $9,596,531 BuildingMulti-Pupose Center
Harlandale ISDISD $9,500,000 OtherStadium
Red Oak ISDISD $9,300,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
Aquilla ISDISD $9,250,000 OtherSchoolBuildingAthleticImprovements
Pasadena ISDISD $8,810,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
Longview ISDISD $8,565,000 OtherStadium
Montgomery ISDISD $8,510,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
East Chambers ISDISD $8,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Fairfield ISDISD $8,000,000 BuildingSchool Building Improvements
Callisburg ISDISD $7,125,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
MansfieldCITY $7,000,000 OtherPark
Cross Roads ISDISD $7,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Florence ISDISD $6,570,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
Olney ISDISD $6,000,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
Fort Stockton ISDISD $6,000,000 BuildingHousing Facility
WinnsboroCITY $5,590,000 OtherStreet & Bridge
Montgomery ISDISD $5,400,000 OtherTechnology
WindcrestCITY $5,000,000 OtherAquatic Center
MansfieldCITY $5,000,000 OtherBaseball Park
Fort Stockton ISDISD $5,000,000 BuildingMulti-Pupose Center
Meyersville ISDISD $5,000,000 BuildingSchool Building
Belton ISDISD $5,000,000 OtherTechnology
Sabinal ISDISD $4,500,000 BuildingMulti-Pupose Center
Buena Vista ISDISD $4,000,000 BuildingHousing Facility
Thrall ISDISD $3,683,320 OtherStadium
Peaster ISDISD $3,500,000 BuildingSchool Building & Buses
Boerne ISDISD $3,000,000 OtherTechnology
Fort Stockton ISDISD $3,000,000 OtherTechnology
Huffman ISDISD $2,900,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
Longview ISDISD $2,440,000 OtherAquatic Center
East Chambers ISDISD $1,800,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
Shallowater ISDISD $1,500,000 OtherStadium
London ISDISD $1,500,000 OtherTechnology
Trenton ISDISD $1,445,000 OtherStadium
WinnsboroCITY $1,180,000 BuildingCity Hall
WinnsboroCITY $1,150,000 OtherStreet
Bloomington ISDISD $1,100,000 BuildingSchool Building
WinnsboroCITY $985,000 OtherAnimal Care & Control
Trenton ISDISD $830,000 BuildingSchool Building Improvements
WinnsboroCITY $795,000 BuildingCity Building
Terrell ISDISD $641,900 BuildingPerforming Arts
New Diana ISDISD $550,000 OtherAthletic Facilities Improvements
WinnsboroCITY $525,000 OtherFarmers Market
WinnsboroCITY $415,000 BuildingCivic Center
WinnsboroCITY $360,000 OtherParking


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