2022 Primary Election RESULTSElections 2022State HouseLubbock House Race Set for Runoff as Glasheen and Tepper Finish Neck and Neck

The race for the heavily red district in Lubbock heads to a runoff between the primary's biggest two spenders.
March 4, 2022
The fiery GOP primary in Lubbock will go to a second round as personal injury attorney and self-funder David Glasheen heads to a runoff against former Lubbock County GOP Chair Carl Tepper.

Glasheen finished 195 votes ahead of Tepper, both well short of eclipsing 50 percent.

Kade Wilcox finished in a distant third followed by Cheryl Little at an even more distant fourth.

“Today was a joyous and humbling moment for me and my family. I am honored to be advanced into the runoff by the voters of House District 84,” Glasheen said in a statement to The Texan. “Our message of family values, faith, and commitment to the conservative principles of MAGA were heard by the voters and received by the hearts and minds of the district.”

He then took aim at Tepper, saying, “We will continue to carry our message of securing the southern border, preventing rising crime in our community, opposing critical race theory in our schools, and lowering these skyrocketing property taxes.”

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“These values, our values, stand in stark contrast with our opponent, Mr. Tepper.”

Tepper told The Texan in a comment, “We’re very appreciative of the voters in HD 84 and Lubbock County. Our volunteers were all over town yesterday at the polling stations and I’m so thankful for their efforts and spirit.”

The two sparred frequently during the primary. Tepper told The Texan before the election that it will shed light on whether “[Glasheen] can buy a seat.”

The attorney is self-funding and not shying away from that fact, comparing himself to former President Donald Trump who also famously funded much of his own campaign.

Glasheen has returned serve to Tepper, accusing him of taking money from a “liberal special interest group.” That group is Texans for Lawsuit Reform (TLR), an organization aimed at curtailing civil lawsuits — the likes of which Glasheen relies on in his day job.

TLR’s PAC mostly supports Republicans but has contributed to Democrats in the past, such as former state Rep. Eddie Lucio, III (D-Brownsville), whom it has hired for legal services this cycle.

The race has left the district flushed with television ads and mail pieces, a trend sure to continue as these two candidates duke it out in the runoff over the next few months.

Read more about the race’s issues here.


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