IssuesMJ Hegar, Ronny Jackson Lead Federal Fundraising in Pre-Runoff Filing

Democratic Senate candidate MJ Hegar and Trump-backed congressional candidate Ronny Jackson raised the most money over the past few months according to filings ahead of the July 14 primary.
July 3, 2020
On Thursday, July 2, federal candidates that will be on the ballot in the upcoming Texas runoff election were required to submit their latest finance reports with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

The new FEC reports cover April 1 through June 24, 2020.

Candidates who do not have a runoff opponent are not required to file again until the next quarterly deadline on July 15, just one day after the runoff election.

Those filings will cover an extra few days: April 1, 2020 through June 30, 2020. Runoff candidates will also need to file on July 15 to disclose their expenditures and receipts over those days leading up to the election. 

The Texan wrote on the previous filing for key congressional races here.

The Texan Tumbler

MJ Hegar, a Democratic candidate seeking to challenge Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) in the November general election, was clearly the candidate who raised the most money over the past few months.

She brought in a little over $1.6 million and disbursed about $1 million. Since Hegar launched her bid last year, she has raised a total of $6.45 million and has spent $4.87 million.

Hegar’s opponent, state Sen. Royce West (D-Dallas), raised about a quarter as much.

The only candidate whose campaign received more in the last period than Hegar was Kathaleen Wall, who is running against Fort Bend Sheriff Troy Nehls to be the Republican nominee in the race to replace retiring Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX-22).

However, Wall’s campaign is almost completely self-funded. In this past quarter, she loaned her own campaign $1.5 million and contributed another $1.5 million directly.

In contrast, Nehls raised almost $110,000 in the last period and about $490,000 in total.

Wall has been building up name recognition through an aggressive advertising strategy, but Nehls’ pre-existing name-recognition in the mostly-Fort Bend congressional district boosted him to the clear lead in the March 3 primary. He received about twice as many votes as Wall, finishing with 40 percent to her 19 percent.

The winner of the TX-22 GOP runoff will go on to face Sri Preston Kulkarni in the general election.

Besides Wall and Hegar, another big fundraiser this past period was Republican candidate Ronny Jackson, a former White House doctor who is now running for one of the country’s most Republican-leaning congressional districts in the Texas Panhandle.

Both Jackson and Josh Winegarner, his runoff opponent and industry affairs for the Texas Cattle Feeders Association, boast long lists of endorsements.

But it was presumably Jackson’s endorsement from President Trump that helped him raise just shy of $500,000.

Winegarner, who entered the race earlier and has raised around $170,000 more in total, trailed Jackson with just short of $300,000 raised this period.

As of June 24, Jackson had about $40,000 more cash on hand than Winegarner.

On the Democratic side for House races, retired Air Force Colonel Kim Olson raised the most at $388,000 — about $7,000 more than her Democratic opponent, Candace Valenzuela.

However, Valenzuela’s campaign has stated that for the entire second quarter — that is, the period to be covered in the July 15 filing — she raised $465,000, surpassing Olson’s reported $438,000 total.

The winner of the Democratic primary in TX-24 will go on to face former Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne in the contest for retiring Rep. Kenny Marchant’s (R-TX-24) seat.

A full chart of key runoff races can be found below.

For more information on Texas state and federal battleground races, please visit The Texan’s War Room.

CandidateDisbursementsReceiptsOutstanding LoansCash on Hand
MJ Hegar (D-TX-Sen)$1,090,203.18 ($4.87M total)$1,620,068.98 ($6.45M total)$0.00$1,625,513.30
Royce West (D-TX-Sen)$390,892.41 ($1.63M total)$429,691.47 ($1.79M total)$242,162.50$159,623.18
Pritesh Gandhi (D-TX-10)$189,078.86 ($1.14M total)$218,837.43 ($1.23M total)$0.00$92,708.41
Michael Siegel (D-TX-10)$154,691.08 ($700k total)$200,107.97 ($860k total)$0.00$170,881.72
Josh Winegarner (R-TX-13)$278,941.26 ($900k total)$290,116.62 ($1.07M total)$0.00$170,142.28
Ronny Jackson (R-TX-13)$414,712.07 ($700k total)$492,346.81 ($900k total)$0.00$207,118.26
Renee Swann (R-TX-17)$379,085.87 ($920k total)$371,118 ($1.04M total)$658,500.00$123,244.45
Pete Sessions (R-TX-17)$315,070.16 ($1.06M total)$373,463.72 ($810k total)$140,000.00$151,105.78
Troy Nehls (R-TX-22)$98,269.26 ($460k total)$107,550.33 ($490k total)$5,600.00$33,492.49
Kathaleen Wall (R-TX-22)$2,038,523.03 ($6.46M total)$3,000,550 ($7.49M total)$1,501,000.00$1,027,416.89
Tony Gonzales (R-TX-23)$207,225.89 ($740k total)$333,716.21 ($1.14M total)$25,000.00$398,312.95
Raul Reyes (R-TX-23)$101,130.9 ($280k total)$114,995.15 ($340k total)$82,000.00$59,187.38
Kim Olson (D-TX-24)$279,500.19 ($1.31M total)$388,097.93 ($1.62M total)$20,000.00$310,976.30
Candace Valenzuela (D-TX-24)$400,715.86 ($910k total)$381,445.24 ($1.03M total)$0.00$121,126.96
Christine Eady Mann (D-TX-31)$74,617.18 ($350k total)$78,573.33 ($360k total)$44,500.00$4,323.71
Donna Imam (D-TX-31)$49,335.90 ($270k total)$70,275.19 ($430k total)$100,000.00$161,008.13


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