Murchison Becomes 22nd ‘Sanctuary City for the Unborn’

“Every single child is worth life," Councilwoman Alisa Griffis said at the Tuesday meeting, where Murchison banned abortions in town limits.
March 12, 2021
The “Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn” initiative notched another city this week as Murchison became the 22nd town in Texas to outlaw abortion.

“We escaped California as political refugees so that we could come to Texas and be at a place where there is freedom and safety for our children,” said Councilwoman Alisa Griffis. “Every single child is worth life. Every child.”

The vote, held Tuesday, was unanimous.

While the initiative’s founder Mark Lee Dickson first introduced the ordinance in 2019, he said the Biden administration’s commitment to widespread abortion access has motivated him.

“Tonight the City Council of Murchison passed a law outlawing the murder of innocent children by abortion in Murchison, Texas. Our society has many problems which we have to deal with and our society killing child after child by abortion is one problem which has gone unaddressed for far too long,” Dickson stated.

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“The Biden Administration has been clear. They have committed to see abortion access in every single zip code. However, last night the leaders of Murchison were clear. Not in Murchison you won’t. Abortion is against the law within the city limits of Murchison, Texas.”

Specifically, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris released a statement echoing remarks the president made on the campaign trail when he withdrew support for the Hyde Amendment.

“We are deeply committed to making sure everyone has access to care – including reproductive health care – regardless of income, race, zip code, health insurance status, or immigration status,” the press release reads.

“The Biden-Harris Administration is committed to codifying Roe v. Wade and appointing judges that respect foundational precedents like Roe.”

The Murchison ordinance defines abortion as “the act of using or prescribing an instrument, a drug, a medicine, or any other substance, device, or means with the intent to cause the death of an unborn child of a woman known to be pregnant. The term does not include birth-control devices or oral contraceptives.”

The ordinance does not penalize procedures that result in the death of the child if they are meant to “save the life or preserve the health” of the child or the mother.

Immediately, the ordinance enables the living kin of aborted children to sue the performers of abortions. It also lets the city impose fines in the event that Roe v. Wade is overturned, similar to a statewide proposed abortion “trigger” ban.

Below is a map of all “Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn” in Texas.


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