Statewide NewsNew Connections Found Between Attorney General Ken Paxton and Nate Paul According to Deposition

An Austin real estate developer central to criminal allegations against Attorney General Ken Paxton reportedly hired a woman who had an affair with Paxton.
and November 5, 2020
A new report from The Dallas Morning News (DMN) reveals that Austin real estate developer Nate Paul hired a woman within his company who allegedly had an affair with Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Paxton and Paul’s connection has been under scrutiny since several top aides in the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) raised allegations of abuse of office against Paxton at the beginning of October.

The Associated Press reported that two sources with knowledge of the situation confirmed the affair, on the condition of anonymity.

Two sources familiar with the matter have also told The Texan that the woman in question, who was reportedly a staff member in the Texas Capitol until the end of last year, had been hired by Paul this year.

According to the DMN, Paul said in a deposition this week that he believed Paxton had recommended the woman for a job, but denied that her hiring was a favor to Paxton.

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While employment records are unclear, Paul confirmed in the deposition that she does in fact work for his real estate firm, World Class. Before then, she worked in the Texas Legislature as a staffer.

Paul could not remember if Paxton had suggested her for the position with his company, and only met the woman after she applied.

Paxton and Paul have a previous history together, marked most notably by the $25,000 donation during the attorney general’s 2014 campaign. In the deposition, Paul reportedly confirmed that he and Paxton were on good terms, but further said his business interests do not overlap with the personal relationship.

The internal allegations which spurred the controversy have been brushed off by Paxton as coming from “rogue employees” — all of whom have since been fired. He has further refused calls for his resignation.

Those allegations were sparked by Paxton’s appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate an FBI raid of Paul’s office and home. The employees protested the move, insisting the OAG should have handled the investigation.

The investigation, which was referred to the OAG by the Travis County District Attorney (DA), was closed by the DA and subsequently closed by the OAG.

The Office of Attorney General had not responded to a request for comment by the time of publishing.


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