Elections 2020FederalNew Poll Shows Trump Slightly Ahead of Biden in Texas, Increases Lead on All Other Democrats

The latest Texas-focused CNN poll shows President Trump has gained some ground in Texas since June.
December 11, 2019
Now that impeachment proceedings are materializing, the electoral impact is forming. Congressional Democrats have gambled that an impeachment inquiry will reap benefits for them come November 2020 — and further prove what some believe to be true, that Texas is up for grabs.

A Quinnipiac poll in June showed President Trump had a slight edge — including only a one percent lead on Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) — over the big names in the Democratic field in Texas. In that poll, Trump was behind former Vice-President Joe Biden by four points.

Fast forward to today and a new CNN poll shows President Trump up one point on Biden in the Lone Star State. The poll also shows the President is ahead of Warren, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) each by seven.

In the Democratic primary, Biden is polling 20 percent above the next-closest candidate — Bernie Sanders. Former HUD Secretary and San Antonio mayor Julián Castro is languishing at three percent in his home state.

The only other Texan left in the race — Marianne Williamson — registered at zero percent with female voters and one percent with males…but didn’t even register in the poll’s “total” category.

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Among respondents, the President’s approval rating is 42 percent with 50 percent disapproving and eight percent undecided.

The poll was conducted from December 4 through December 8 and surveyed 1,205 Texans. The margin of error was placed at ±3.4 percent overall — ±5 percent among Republicans and ±6.6 among Democrats.

The Texas Democratic Party said of the poll: “Texas is the biggest battleground state. Poll after poll shows the same result: this election is razor-thin. Trump is terrified. That’s why he visited Texas 7 times the past year and has spent more on Facebook ads in Texas than any other state in the country. Without Texas, Trump cannot win this election.”

The chair of the Republican Party of Texas, James Dickey, stated: “CNN continuously showed President Trump losing in the 2016 election — even claiming he was down by 9 points just weeks before the election. Texans don’t care about polls, they care about results. Over 800,000 jobs have been created during President Trump’s administration in Texas alone and we’re seeing historically low unemployment. These results speak for themselves and Texans will vote accordingly.”

Editor’s note: This article has been updated to include statements from the Texas Democratic Party and the Republican Party of Texas.


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