2022 Primary Election RESULTSElections 2022Local NewsO’Hare Wins Tarrant County Judge GOP Primary Against Former Fort Worth Mayor by Over 20 Points

Former Farmers Branch mayor and Tarrant County Republican Party chairman Tim O’Hare defeated retired Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price to secure the Republican nomination.
March 2, 2022
The divisive race for Tarrant County judge has ended in favor of former county Republican Party chairman and mayor of Farmers Branch Tim O’Hare.

O’Hare defeated former Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price by a margin of over 20 points. He will go on to face Deborah Peoples in the general election in November.

O’Hare started with a lead of nearly 23 points after early voting totals came in. Election day results only narrowed the margin by about one percent.

At his victory party in Southlake on Tuesday night, O’Hare thanked his supporters. “This campaign was about you, our future, our county, our state, and our country,” he said.

“I want you to know, you don’t ever have to worry if I’m going to waver in my beliefs. I’m going to stand up for you, for our families, and for our churches every single day I’m in office,” he told the crowd.

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O’Hare also thanked those who had supported him in prayer. “Above all else, to God be the glory. I am so thankful for His provision.”

O’Hare and Price battled it out during the primary with O’Hare accusing Price of supporting Black Lives Matter and not being pro-life. She, in turn, said O’Hare was lying about her and her record.

In a last-minute appeal before voting on Tuesday, Price released a video reminding voters that Texas has an open primary, meaning Democrats are able to cross over and vote in the Republican primary if they wish.  

The platform of the Republican Party of Texas clearly states that regarding “Crossover Voting: We welcome people to join the Republican Party who support limited government and traditional values. We oppose campaigns to get liberal Democrats to cross over and move the Republican Party to the left in the primary.”

O’Hare thanked Price for her service of over 20 years to the residents of Tarrant County, adding that “At the end of the day, Republicans must come together to put it to the Democrats in November.”

O’Hare was endorsed by former president Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). Last week, he announced that his campaign had raised over $1 million.

In large urban counties, the county judge is an administrative position that presides over the commissioners court and “provides leadership on issues related to policy and county services.”

O’Hare said there are lots of things he plans to work on if elected in November like lowering property taxes, reducing the size of government, and “standing up to the woke cancel culture mob.”

He also appealed to “non-Republican friends” asking them to join his team if they “love America, want their children to get a good education, and want someone who will fight for their freedom and for their businesses to stay open.” 

Glen Whitley has been county judge since 2007. He endorsed Price in the race.


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