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Gov. Greg Abbott has committed to a border wall between Texas and Mexico as part of a “comprehensive border security plan.”
June 14, 2021
Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has pledged his full support for Gov. Greg Abbott’s proposed state border wall with Mexico.

Citing statistics that were released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) last week, Patrick blasted the Biden administration for failing to reduce the number of illegal crossings.

“Thanks to President Biden, illegal border crossings are at a twenty-year high with almost 200,000 apprehended this past month alone. The number of criminals entering the country is also breaking records with human trafficking and drug trafficking,” Patrick said in a press statement, adding that “it is now imperative that Texas takes action.”

The lieutenant governor continued, “Texas cannot afford to stand by and allow this to happen while Vice President Harris continues to laugh, and everything the Biden Administration does makes the situation worse.”

Patrick also asserted that the Trump administration “dramatically reduced illegal crossings and helped return stability to our border communities.”

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On Thursday, Abbott committed in a Del Rio “border summit” to continuing construction on a border wall between Texas and Mexico after the Biden administration stymied former President Trump’s border wall project. The governor’s “comprehensive border security plan” includes a border security compact with Arizona.

Trump recently endorsed Abbott as he faces at least two primary challengers, Don Huffines and Chad Prather.

“No governor has done more to secure the border and keep our communities safe than Governor Abbott,” Trump wrote in his endorsement.

Huffines has starkly criticized Abbott’s handling of the illegal immigration disaster, contending that Abbott has had the entirety of his tenure to enact border security measures and that his recent moves are due to Huffines’ campaign momentum.

To address the border crisis, Abbott launched a state effort known as Operation Lone Star in March and later expanded it to include human trafficking investigations. In addition, Abbott on Memorial Day declared a state of disaster in many counties along the border.

Abbott said at the border summit he would release additional details about his proposed border wall this week.

Vice President Kamala Harris, who is leading the White House’s border security policy, has said she is focusing on the “root causes of migration” and hopes the U.S. can help improve conditions in places like Central America.


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