• The Texan Celebrates Its First Anniversary

    Today, The Texan announced the celebration of one year since the day of its founding on April 29, 2019. “It seems like it was just yesterday that I was announcing the launch of our new statewide media organization,” said Konni Burton, founder and CEO of The Texan. “It’s been a busy and rewarding year fighting media bias and disinformation by providing factual, straight reporting of the news that is important and relevant to Texans.” In...

  • The Daily Wire

    The Texan on The Daily Wire: Judge Rules Dad Has Say In Gender ‘Transition’ Of 7-Year-Old James Younger, Puts Gag Order On Dad

    "Before the judge handed down her verdict, she kicked out media sources including The Texan, Daily Mail, and LifeSiteNews, as well as all family and friends. ABC, CBS 11, and NBC were reportedly allowed access...Reporting from The Texan says Georgulas’ lawyers Jessica Janicek and Laura Hayes claimed during the trial that the mother does not plan on giving James hormone blockers at this time."

  • Fox News

    The Texan on Fox News: James Younger, 7, to have Texas judge decide fate amid parents’ gender transition battle; Abbott wades in

    "According to Georgulas, who works as a pediatrician, James is transgender, identifies as a girl, likes to wear dresses and goes by the name 'Luna.' Younger believes the opposite, however, and is arguing James is a happy boy and a 'social transition' or 'medical transition' would not be in his best interest, The Texan reported."

  • New York Post

    The Texan on the New York Post: Texas jury rules against divorced dad trying to stop 7-year-old son’s gender transition

    "The mom, pediatrician Anne Georgulas, contends that James is transgender, likes wearing dresses and prefers to be identified as 'Luna,' according to The Texan...Witnesses on Younger’s behalf included friends who testified that James always goes by 'James' and opts for boys’ clothing whenever he’s in the care of his father — even when girls’ clothing is available, according to The Texan."

  • The Daily Caller

    The Texan on The Daily Caller: Texas Father Doesn’t Want His Seven-Year-Old Son To Be Transitioned To A Girl. A Jury Decided Against Him

    "The father, Jeff Younger, said his son, James Younger, is happy being a boy and does not desire to be a girl, according to the Texan...Georgulas said her child’s gender identity should be affirmed by wearing dresses, being treated as a girl, and being called 'Luna,' according to the Texan...Georgulas and Younger were married in 2010 and conceived James and his twin brother, Jude Younger, through in vitro fertilization, according to the Texan...The judge could include Albritton’s recommendation in his verdict while allowing Georgulas to maintain sole managing conservatorship, the Texan reports."

  • KLBJ 950AM/99.7FM: The Mark, Melynda & Ed Show

    Daniel Friend on The Mark, Melynda & Ed Show

    Reporter for The Texan, Daniel Friend, joined The Mark, Melynda & Ed Show to talk about the ongoing custody surrounding the James Younger case.


    The Texan on POLITICO: Dems are moving forward on impeachment — now what?

    "PRIMARY PROBLEMS … 'Rep. Kay Granger Will Face New Primary Challenger Chris Putnam in 2020,' by The Texan’s Sarah McConnell: http://bit.ly/2mzQ19C"

  • The Shannon Joy Show

    Daniel Friend on The Shannon Joy Show

    Reporter Daniel Friend talked with Shannon Joy and gave an update regarding the ongoing CPS case involving the Pardo family, whose four-year-old autistic son was forcibly removed from their home.