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Former Colleyville city councilman Chris Putnam officially launched his primary campaign today against 23-year incumbent Kay Granger for Texas’ 12th Congressional seat.
September 24, 2019
Earlier today, former Colleyville city councilman Chris Putnam officially announced his primary run against 23-year incumbent Rep. Kay Granger (R-TX-12) after The Texan learned last Friday that Putnam was planning to jump into the race.

“Serving the people as an elected official is an honor and a privilege but also a huge responsibility. It shouldn’t be a full-time career and certainly not a lifetime appointment. Career politicians like Kay Granger have forgotten where they came from. Voters in this district support protecting innocent life, they support this President, and they support securing our border. Kay Granger has ‘gone Washington’ and stopped fighting for our values a long time ago,” Putnam says in his official announcement.

In an exclusive statement for The Texan, Putnam said he is running because “spending and debt are out of control in DC.”

He continued by telling The Texan, “I’ll leverage my business experience to restore fiscal sanity in Washington. I’m not a career politician and I’m running to represent the voters of Texas’ 12th Congressional District who want a representative who will advance President Trump’s America First agenda, secure our border, and protect innocent life. Kay Granger has been in DC for more than 23 years and fights for special interests. I will fight for the hardworking taxpayers of this district.”

As a lifelong resident of Tarrant County, Putnam has previous business experience in the private sector, where he worked with companies like IBM and Perot Systems before helping to build a successful telecom software firm.

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When running to be a Colleyville city councilman, Putnam previously defeated a three-term incumbent and touts his efforts to lessen government spending, reduce debt, and cut taxes. 

Long-time incumbent Kay Granger is currently serving her 12th term in Congress, where she is the ranking member of the House Appropriations Committee. She is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  

Before her election to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1996, Rep. Granger served as a member of the Fort Worth city zoning commission, on the Fort Worth City Council, and eventually became the first female mayor of Fort Worth in 1995. 

In challenging Rep. Granger, Putnam promises to use his past business experience and outsider perspective “to drain the swamp that is Congress.”  

“I’ve done it in the private sector, I’ve done it in Texas, and now I’m going to do it in Washington, DC,” Putnam’s announcement says. 

Located in North Texas, the 12th Congressional District stretches from the western half of Tarrant County encompassing parts of Wise County, all of Parker County, and includes prominent cities like Fort Worth and Weatherford.

Additionally, the district is home to four Fortune 500 company headquarters, enjoys high employment rates, and a strong educational system that includes Texas Christian University. 


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Sarah McConnell, Reporter for The Texan

Sarah McConnell

Sarah McConnell is a reporter for The Texan. Previously, she worked as a Cyber Security Consultant after serving as a Pathways Intern at the Department of Homeland Security – Citizenship and Immigration Services. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Texas A&M as well as her Master of Public Service and Administration degree from the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M. In her free time, Sarah is an avid runner, jazz enthusiast, and lover of all things culinary.