Battleground 2020Elections 2020Rep. Michael McCaul Defeats Democrat Mike Siegel for Second Consecutive Election

The 2020 race for Texas' 10th Congressional District ended up remarkably similar to its installation two years prior as Rep. Michael McCaul won re-election.
November 4, 2020

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For the second time in two years, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX-10) defeated challenger Mike Siegel. McCaul edged Siegel by roughly five points — about the same margin as two years prior.

McCaul told The Texan, “I am deeply honored by the confidence the people of TX-10 have placed in me to serve them in Congress. I have run this campaign advancing the idea that Texans deserve a representative who will go to Washington to fight for a better future and deliver results every step of the way.”

“Though we have endured much this year, I firmly believe America is on the precipice of accomplishing extraordinary things. By working together, we can overcome any obstacle and lift up our citizens so that they can achieve their own American Dream,” he concluded.

The race pitted McCaul, a more middle-of-the-road Republican, against a staunch progressive in Siegel and the two clashed over issues ranging from coronavirus to energy and the environment.

Both McCaul and Siegel outperformed their vote totals in 2018 — the former eclipsing it by roughly 40,000 votes and the latter by 30,000.

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In a concession statement, Siegel said, “Regardless of tonight’s results, we showed that deep in the heart of Texas a progressive movement is rising. And together we are building a powerful coalition to fight together for justice and democracy, for our health and our planet, to put people first in our government and restore common decency in our society.”

“This campaign may be over, but I look forward to continuing the essential work towards Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, a better Texas and a better world,” he concluded.

McCaul has held his post since 2005 and outspent Siegel by $750,000.

The Democratic Campaign Congressional Committee delayed its support for Siegel until toward the home stretch of the cycle — a tiff that stretched back to 2018.

In the end, McCaul will maintain his place in Washington and Siegel is left to consider whether a third time in 2022 might be the charm.


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