87th LegislatureElections 2020State HouseRep. Morgan Meyer Wins Reelection, Defeating Joanna Cattanach in Rematch for North Dallas District

Rep. Morgan Meyer fended off another challenge from Democrat Joanna Cattanach in one of Texas' tightest legislative districts.
November 4, 2020
In an election night nail-biter, Rep. Morgan Meyer (R-Dallas) was reelected to the Texas House on Tuesday defeating Democratic candidate Joanna Cattanach in the race for House District 108, which includes University Park, Highland Park, downtown Dallas, and portions of north Dallas.

The most recent tally shows Meyer leading Cattanach by 1,634 votes in a contest in which 100,904 ballots have been counted.

Meyer received 49.7% of the vote, which amounted to 50,102 ballots, while Cattanach received 48% of the vote, which amounted to 48,468 ballots.

Meyer thanked his supporters in a social media post on Wednesday.

“Thank you, HD108! We’re thrilled [with] this win & excited to go back to Austin to represent our community,” Meyer tweeted. “Thank you for the vote of confidence & for demonstrating that voters are hungry for positive campaigns focused on issues & a vision for the future.”

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Cattanach conceded to Meyer on Tuesday and thanked her supporters in a statement.

“Of course this isn’t the outcome we wanted and it’s a tough pill to swallow. But we won’t despair and I urge you not to lose hope, because our movement isn’t over,” Cattanach said. “I sincerely thank every volunteer who gave us hours of hard work pounding the pavement to organize our campaign and spread our message.”

This is not the first time Morgan has defeated Cattanach. In 2018, Cattanach came within a stone’s throw of unseating Meyer, who won by only 220 votes.

Cattanach raised over $1.3 million for her bid for the Texas House, while Meyer raised almost $2 million.

Meyer ran on his accomplishments in the legislature, including property tax reform and securing more funding for Dallas ISD and Highland Park ISD. He also touted his work on a law that criminalizes sending unsolicited explicit photographs of oneself to another person.

Cattanach highlighted issues important to the Democratic base, including support for abortion rights, environmental measures, expanding Medicaid, and restrictions on gun rights.


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