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Rep. Roger Williams joins our podcast to discuss the impeachment inquiry, the ongoing border crisis, and the trade war with China.
November 11, 2019
Last week in The Texan’s studio, Congressman Roger Williams (R-TX-25) sat down with Senior Editor Drew White to discuss the ongoing impeachment inquiry leveled against President Donald Trump, the continuing crisis at the Texas-Mexico border, and recent tariffs imposed in the trade war with China.

“Impeachment has sucked the air out of everything,” said Rep. Williams when asked about the impact of the impeachment inquiry. “The House democrats and Nancy Pelosi want to overturn this election — they wanted to do it from day one — and now we’re just in a funk.”

Williams then went on to outline several key issue areas in America that are not being addressed due to the impeachment inquiry, including trade with China, border security, school safety, tax cuts, and a budget for the military.

“We’re doing nothing, which is wrong, and America is being held hostage by these liberals… their hate and anger is so bad for this President, they don’t want America to succeed.”

Congressman Williams has represented House District 25 since 2013 and previously served as Texas Secretary of State under Governor Rick Perry. While earning his education from Texas Christian University in the late 1960s and early 70s, he was a star baseball player for their Horned Frogs baseball team.

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Watch the full interview below.


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