Republishing Guidelines

We exist to provide straight, factual news that isn’t hostile to the worldview of Texans. Because this is our mission, we allow for the limited republishing of our content.

The first 250-word portion of one of our articles can be republished without our express consent if the following requirements are met:

  • Use our headline when you republish the portion of the article.
  • Give our publication and the reporter credit at or near the top of the article. For example, “by Brad Johnson of The Texan.”
  • Punctuation changes reflected in your publication’s style guide can be made to be consistent with your content. For example, changing “Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. (D-Brownsville)” to “Senator Eddie Lucio Jr., D-Brownsville,” etc.
  • Substantive changes must not be made as the republication is a reflection of our outlet’s style. Do not alter the diction chosen, like “pro-life” vs. “anti-abortion,” etc.
  • Include a disclaimer like, “Additional reporting provided by The Fredericksburg Standard,” if any new, substantive information is added to the piece.
  • Include a link to our original article above or below the story in the format “Read the full story on The Texan” or “Continue reading [HEADLINE] on The Texan.”
  • Do not sell the story.

If you wish to publish an entire story, please reach out to our editorial team at [email protected].