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Firefighters and border agents also rescued an illegal alien stuck on top of the wall after he tried to climb over using a rope ladder.
August 30, 2022
Border patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley “disrupted” two stash houses last week and rescued other illegal immigrants, one of whom was stuck on top of the border wall, according to a news release published by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

On Thursday, Texas Department of Public Safety officers and border guards rescued 11 illegal aliens from a stash house in the city of Mission. The subjects were from Mexico and the Dominican Republic, per CBP. The other stash house was in Hidalgo County and involved three subjects in the country illegally.

The agency also described a rescue effort involving the border wall.

“On August 26, McAllen Border Patrol Station (MCS) agents encountered a subject who was trapped on top of the border wall near Penitas. The subject was attempting to breach the border wall using a rope ladder which fell off after he had reached the top of the wall,” the news release stated. “Agents and emergency personnel from the Penitas Fire Department rescued the man from the top of the wall. No injuries were reported.”

President Biden lambasted border agents following the surge on Val Verde County after a video circulated online of officers on horseback trying to direct Haitian illegal immigrants. Though it appeared to some that the officers were “whipping” them with long reins, an investigation by the agency’s office of professional responsibility exonerated them of those accusations.

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However, CBP concluded that agents displayed “unprofessional conduct” and it would change its guidelines regarding horseback patrols and the use of crowd control techniques.

According to statistics provided by CBP, border agents have conducted more than 19,000 search and rescue efforts so far this fiscal year. There have been more than 1.8 million enforcement encounters with illegal immigrants.

Gov. Greg Abbott, commenting on the Biden administration’s investigation of border guards, offered to hire those who were fired or otherwise disaffected with the federal government. Abbott has focused resources on combating illegal immigration since the beginning of Biden’s term of office. 

Many counties in Texas have proclaimed states of disaster or passed resolutions urging Abbott to take even more assertive action, such as declaring illegal crossings an “invasion” under the state or federal constitutions and commencing state-level deportations.


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