FederalSen. Ted Cruz’s Book on the Supreme Court Hits Number One on Amazon’s Best Seller List

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's book on Supreme Court vacancies becomes best seller as the confirmation fight over Amy Coney Barrett's nomination and the election near.
October 5, 2020
American businessman John Sculley once said, “Timing, in life, is everything.” There are few testaments better to illustrate that maxim than the release of Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) new book “One Vote Away,” which has leaped into first place on Amazon’s best seller list.

The book’s subtitle is “How a single Supreme Court seat can change history” — its topic is the nation’s highest court, and vacancies therein.

Timeliness is on the book’s side since Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away last month, leaving a vacancy. That, coupled with the 2020 presidential election’s close proximity, drives the issue to a level of even higher significance.

Readers “will discover,” the book’s summary reads, “how often the high court decisions that affect your life have been decided by just one vote. One vote preserves your right to speak freely, to bear arms, and to exercise your faith. One vote will determine whether your children enjoy their full inheritance as American citizens.”

Cruz appeared on longtime talk radio host and Fox News anchor Mark Levin’s show Sunday night and the book vaulted to the top of Amazon’s charts by Monday morning.

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Additionally, President Donald Trump tweeted praise of the book, advising his followers to purchase it as the confirmation fight over judge Amy Coney Barrett and her nomination to the nation’s highest court.

Sen. Cruz said in a statement to The Texan, “I wrote One Vote Away to underscore the stakes of this election and how, on issue after issue, just one vote on the Supreme Court can determine whether our constitutional liberties will be protected or destroyed.”

“Now with a vacancy on the Court and the likelihood of a contested election next month, I believe the lessons in One Vote Away are even more pertinent.”

Taking aim at the Supreme Court’s role in contemporary politics, the book’s summary further adds, “God may endow us with ‘certain unalienable rights,’ but whether we enjoy them depends on nine judges—the ‘priests of the robe’ who have the last say in our system of government.”

“Drawing back the curtain of their temple, Senator Cruz reveals the struggles, arguments, and strife that have shaped the fate of those rights,” it concludes.

Cruz has had quite the year in content production. During the impeachment proceedings at the beginning of 2020, Cruz launched a podcast with Michael J. Knowles of the Daily Wire. The pair discussed the inner workings of the Senate during that time immediately after Cruz left the floor.

The podcast, titled “Verdict w/ Ted Cruz,” was so popular it reached the top of iTunes’ chart.

The confirmation fight will likely be contentious as Democrats hope to keep the seat open until a prospective President Joe Biden can fill the seat once held by the progressive icon, Ginsburg. 

Some on the left have even suggested packing the court in retaliation should Barrett fill the seat before the election — a suggestion Biden was asked about in the first debate, but avoided answering.

Barrett will first testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, of which Cruz is a member. If Cruz’s book sales are any indication, all eyes will be watching.


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