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Responding to anonymous social media comments, the airline is investigating one of its pilots, an opponent of a "cultural competence" plan.
May 20, 2021
Guy Midkiff, a Southlake pilot and host of a podcast called Wise Guy Talks, is firing back at a group that calls itself the Southlake Anti-Racism Coalition (SARC) after the organization accused him of “targeting individual minors and accosting our organization” in his efforts against a proposed “Cultural Competence Action Plan” (CCAP). 

The CCAP was offered by Carroll Independent School District’s (CISD) “District Diversity Council,” which contended the plan would promote diversity and sensitivity in the school district. The council developed the plan in part to respond to a viral video in 2018 depicting students using a racial slur. 

Midkiff has become the subject of an investigation by American Airlines, where he has worked for more than three decades, due to complaints by an anonymous user on Twitter.

A Twitter account named “Southlake Fami-Lies” accused Midkiff of “consistently harassing minority females in Southlake.”

“Your comments concern us so please [direct message] the link where it shows the employee comments for us to take a closer look,” replied American Airlines, a company that has not shied away from politics.

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SARC offered some accusations of their own, saying in remarks directed toward the Fort Worth-based airline, “Your employee has been harassing students and community members relentlessly for months for speaking out against the racism they experience in our town.”

The Texan sought more information regarding the leadership of SARC, including whether the group has a board of directors, any requirements for membership, and who is responsible for their social media content.

We’re made up of both current students (middle and high school) and alumni. We do not have a board of directors or membership requirements, members are selected through an application process. Our social media content is created and managed by a variety of members!” a representative from the organization wrote in an email.

The coalition identifies itself on its website as “current and former Carroll students demanding systemic, anti-racist change in CISD.” 

Midkiff said SARC has used unethical tactics to accomplish their objective,” including ridiculing parents who testify at school board meetings and tagging candidates as racist.

“Southlake Anti-Racist Coalition (SARC) is a group of mostly college-age adults that use this doublespeak/Orwellian term and have bullied and attempted to cancel parents concerned about critical race theory in our schools,” Midkiff wrote in a statement to The Texan.

“I am dedicated to defending my country and protecting my children by exposing the tactics of the SARC organization that many in the community describe as a hate group.”

Midkiff criticized “the media’s complicity in this effort to target my community,” referring to the “flawed reporting” of NBC News in particular.

He added, “I have a right to defend my community and family, and will continue to speak truth to power in the best interest of my country.”

Opponents of the CCAP argue, among other criticisms, that it heavily favors a progressive worldview and is conducive to parental rights violations.

A senior executive at American Airlines, Southlake resident Don Casey, testified in favor of the proposal at a CISD board meeting.

Adding to the controversy surrounding the CCAP, a Tarrant County grand jury indicted CISD Board of Trustees President Michelle Moore and Trustee Todd Carlton for allegedly violating Open Meetings Act requirements during the board’s consideration of the plan. The board is currently banned from considering the CCAP via a temporary restraining order arising from a civil suit.

Candidates who oppose the CCAP won overwhelming victories in school board elections on May 1st. Southlake’s new mayor, John Huffman, said on election night that he hopes the city can “reclaim” its identity as a “good and generous community.”

American Airlines did not disclose which of Midkiff’s social media posts the airline is investigating or when the investigation will be complete.

“We are troubled by the allegations of harassment and are focusing our investigation accordingly. American expects our team members to treat all people with dignity and respect at work and in their communities,” an American Airlines spokesperson told The Texan.


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