2022 Primary Election RESULTSElections 2022State HouseState Rep. Stephanie Klick Pulled Into GOP Runoff by Competitor Prioritizing Child Gender Modification Ban

Klick's challenger David Lowe has criticized her for the legislative deaths of several bills to ban child gender transition.
March 2, 2022
State Rep. Stephanie Klick (R-Fort Worth) will head to a runoff to face primary challenger David Lowe, a veteran and law enforcement officer.

The five-way primary left Klick and Lowe at the top, with Klick gaining about 49 percent of the vote and Lowe taking 39 percent, according to unofficial results.

On top of her advantage as the incumbent in Texas House District (HD) 91, a seat she has held for nearly a decade, Klick enjoys the endorsements of Governor Greg Abbott, former governor Rick Perry, and several pro-life groups such as Texas Right to Life.

The latter group named Klick a “Pro-Life Champion” of the 87th legislature for passing several pro-life bills out of the House Public Health Committee, which she chairs. Klick also carried a bill in the House to ban the delivery of abortifacient drugs by mail.

“Representative Klick is the only House committee chair to ever pass every single Pro-Life Priority Bill out of a committee,” Texas Right to Life stated.

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However, other actions Klick has taken in her chairmanship have become easy campaign fodder for Lowe.

In particular, Lowe has blamed Klick for the death of proposals to ban child gender modification in the 87th legislature.

Several bills were filed in the state House and Senate to ban endocrine and surgical treatments meant to aid sex transitions for children. All of these bills were eventually routed through the Public Health Committee, where all died but one: a bill by State Rep. Matt Krause (R-Fort Worth) that would have authorized the Texas Medical Board to discipline doctors that perform these procedures. The bill was filed in January, referred to the Public Health Committee in March, and passed out of committee in April.

By the time the bill made it onto the House’s agenda in May, it was placed too low to receive a floor vote before the chamber’s midnight deadline.

Lowe received the endorsement of Jeff Younger, father of James, a Texas boy whose mother has insisted for years that he identifies as a girl. Younger disagrees and has fought a highly publicized custody battle in court for years. A judge awarded James’ mother full custody rights in August except over medical procedures for gender transition, which still require Younger’s consent.

Younger is also running for Texas House in HD 63. He will face Ben Bumgarner in a runoff election for the Republican primary after neither candidate received a majority of the votes on Tuesday.

Lowe made a ban on child gender transitions a top priority for his campaign.


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