87th LegislatureElections 2022State HouseTexas House Democrats Raised $648,000 During Quorum Break

Combined, House Democrats pulled in nearly $650,000 in contributions during the large part of their quorum break in July and August.
September 9, 2021
New campaign finance reports filed with the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) this week showed that over the course of their quorum break, House Democrats raised a combined total of $648,000.

In comparison, House Republicans reported a total of $915,000, though that number was bolstered by contributions to their own campaigns of $450,000 and $50,000 by Reps. Mayes Middleton (R-Wallisville) and Gary Gates (R-Rosenberg), respectively.

The period of the report for the first special legislative session covers the dates between July 7 and August 6. For the majority of that time, the lower chamber of Texas lawmakers went without a quorum and was unable to conduct business.

House Democrats fled the state shortly into the first special session on July 12, and though some members returned sooner, a quorum was not reestablished until midway through the next special session on August 19.

The top money-getter among Democrats during that period was Rep. Trey Martinez-Fischer (D-San Antonio), who pulled in $63,000. Nearly half of that came from out of the state, though, with $32,000 of the contributions coming from within the Lone Star State.

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Other top Democratic fundraisers in the House received significantly less than Martinez-Fischer but relied less on outside sources.

Rep. Julie Johnson (D-Carrollton) raised the next most amount at $38,000, with $34,000 coming from within Texas. Reps. Ron Reynolds (D-Missouri City) and Ann Johnson (D-Houston) each reported $27,000 with $26,000 and $23,000 coming from within Texas, respectively.

Although a total of 25 Democrats reported contributions of $10,000 or more, only two of those members were part of the first quorum in August: Reps. James Talarico (D-Round Rock), who reported $24,000, and Terry Canales (D-Edinburg), who reported $16,000.

11 members who were part of the quorum reported less than $5,000 in contributions, and the remaining five did not have new reports for the special session available.

The full list of House Democrats’ fundraising totals for the period can be found below.

MemberDistrictReported Contributions
Joe Deshotel (D)*22$1,230.57
Ron Reynolds (D)*27$26,603.53
Ryan Guillen (D)*31$3,500.00
Abel Herrero (D)*34$1,050.00
Oscar Longoria (D)*35N/A
Sergio Muñoz Jr. (D)*36N/A
Alex Dominguez (D)*37$21,239.32
Eddie Lucio III (D)*38$3,500.00
Armando "Mando" Martinez (D)*39$8,411.36
Terry Canales (D)*40$15,750.00
Bobby Guerra (D)*41$1,342.59
Richard Peña Raymond (D)*42$1,598.55
Erin Zwiener (D)*45$18,857.81
Sheryl Cole (D)*46$23,250.81
Vikki Goodwin (D)*47$16,852.02
Donna Howard (D)*48$20,275.34
Gina Hinojosa (D)*49$8,556.69
Celia Israel (D)*50$9,553.49
Eddie Rodriguez (D)*51$10,144.84
James Talarico (D)*52$23,549.84
Michelle Beckley (D)*65N/A
Heriberto (Eddie) Morales Jr. (D)*74N/A
Mary González (D)*75$4,598.00
Claudia Ordaz Perez (D)*76$1,677.44
Evelina (Lina) Ortega (D)*77$1,372.17
Joseph (Joe) E. Moody (D)*78$1,559.54
Peter A. (Art) Fierro (D)*79$1,240.92
Tracy O. King (D)*80$2,500.00
Ramon Romero Jr. (D)*90$3,324.99
Nicole Collier (D)*95N/A
Jasmine Crockett (D)*100$20,136.86
Christopher (Chris) Turner (D)*101$22,797.46
Ana-Maria Ramos (D)*102$13,138.47
Rafael Anchia (D)*103$8,601.50
Jessica González (D)*104$11,804.52
Thresa "Terry" Meza (D)*105$75.00
Victoria Neave (D)*107$9,558.58
Carl Sherman Sr. (D)*109$14,219.48
Toni Rose (D)*110$3,735.41
Yvonne Davis (D)*111$6,296.28
Rhetta Bowers (D)*113$4,918.26
John Turner (D)*114N/A
Julie Johnson (D)*115$37,947.68
Trey Martinez Fischer (D)*116$63,029.66
Philip Cortez (D)*117N/A
Elizabeth (Liz) Campos (D)*119$10,162.22
Barbara Gervin Hawkins (D)*120$9,311.37
Diego Bernal (D)*123$2,982.31
Ina Minjarez (D)*124$10,660.39
Raynaldo (Ray) Lopez (D)*125$16,568.86
Alma Allen (D)*131$1,961.95
Ann Johnson (D)*134$26,553.13
Jon Rosenthal (D)*135$14,885.00
John Bucy III (D)*136$18,281.55
Eugene (Gene) Wu (D)*137$20,026.86
Jarvis Johnson (D)*139$6,546.61
Armando Walle (D)*140$3,007.00
Senfronia Thompson (D)*141$25,044.53
Harold Dutton Jr. (D)*142N/A
Ana Hernandez (D)*143$779.72
Mary Ann Perez (D)*144$6,404.94
Christina Morales (D)*145$11,017.20
Shawn Thierry (D)*146$3,836.61
Garnet Coleman (D)*147$100.00
Penny Shaw (D)*148$5,380.63
Hubert Vo (D)*149$6,476.65

On the Republican side, following Middleton’s significant self-funding of $450,000, Rep. Tan Parker (R-Flower Mound) — who is leaving his House seat to run for a state Senate seat that is opening in Denton County — raised the most at $123,000.

House Speaker Dade Phelan (R-Beaumont) reported the next highest amount with $95,000, followed by Gates’ with his $50,000 self contribution.

Only seven other House Republicans reported raising $10,000 or more during the short period, compared with the 25 Democrats who met that goal.

Notably, though, while only nine Democrats did not appear to file a report with the TEC by the September 7 deadline, reports for 30 of the House Republicans were unavailable and two others did not download properly from the TEC’s website.

The full list of House Republicans’ fundraising totals for the period can be found below.

MemberDistrictReported Contributions
Gary VanDeaver (R)*1N/A
Bryan Slaton (R)*2$5,425.00
Cecil Bell (R)*3N/A
Keith Bell (R)*4$500.00
Cole Hefner (R)*5$1,010.00
Matt Schaefer (R)*6$500.00
Jay Dean (R)*7$17,425.00
Cody Harris (R)*8$22,140.00
Chris Paddie (R)*9N/A
Travis Clardy (R)*11$250.00
Kyle Kacal (R)*12$2,500.00
Ben Leman (R)*13N/A
John Raney (R)*14N/A
Steve Toth (R)*15N/A
Will Metcalf (R)*16$3,350.00
John Cyrier (R)*17N/A
Ernest Bailes (R)*18N/A
James White (R)*19N/A
Terry Wilson (R)*20$10,000.00
Dade Phelan (R)*21$94,666.44
Mayes Middleton (R)*23$450,000.00
Greg Bonnen (R)*24N/A
Cody Vasut (R)*25N/A
Jacey Jetton (R)*26$6,650.00
Gary Gates (R)*28$50,025.00
Ed Thompson (R)*29$650.00
Geanie W. Morrison (R)*30$910.00
Todd Hunter (R)*32$100.00
Justin Holland (R)*33$500.00
J.M. Lozano (R)*43N/A
John Kuempel (R)*44$6,500.00
Andrew Murr (R)*53N/A
Brad Buckley (R)*54N/A
Hugh Shine (R)*55N/A
Charles "Doc" Anderson (R)*56$10,350.00
Trent Ashby (R)*57$250.00
Dewayne Burns (R)*58N/A
Shelby Slawson (R)*59$95.00
Glenn Rogers (R)*60$1,010.00
Phil King (R)*61$1,300.00
Reginald (Reggie) Smith (R)*62$500.00
Nathaniel (Tan) Parker (R)*63$122,730.00
Lynn Stucky (R)*64$2,550.00
Matt Shaheen (R)*66$10,000.00
Jeff Leach (R)*67N/A
David Spiller (R)*68$100.00
James Frank (R)*69N/A
William S. (Scott) Sanford (R)*70Report not loading
Standard (Stan) Lambert (R)*71N/A
Drew Darby (R)*72$30,100.00
Kenneth (Kyle) Biedermann (R)*73N/A
Brooks Landgraf (R)*81$1,000.00
Tom Craddick (R)*82$0.00
Dustin Burrows (R)*83$3,500.00
John Frullo (R)*84N/A
Phyllip (Phil) Stephenson (R)*85N/A
John T. Smithee (R)*86N/A
Walter (Four) Price (R)*87N/A
Kenneth (Ken) P. King (R)*88N/A
Candace (Candy) Noble (R)*89$1,630.00
Stephanie Klick (R)*91$60.00
Jeffrey (Jeff) Cason (R)*92$925.00
Matthew (Matt) Krause (R)*93$245.00
Tony Tinderholt (R)*94$100.00
David Cook (R)*96$24,700.00
Craig Goldman (R)*97N/A
Giovanni Capriglione (R)*98$1,025.00
Charlie Geren (R)*99$50.00
Jared Patterson (R)*106Report not loading
Morgan Meyer (R)*108$6,000.00
Angie Chen Button (R)*112$3,728.30
Steve Allison (R)*121$1,504.26
Lyle Larson (R)*122N/A
Eric (Sam) Harless (R)*126N/A
Dan Huberty (R)*127$3,000.00
Briscoe Cain (R)*128$1,245.00
Dennis Paul (R)*129$2,550.00
Tom Oliverson (R)*130$7,000.00
Michael Schofield (R)*132N/A
Jim Murphy (R)*133N/A
Lacey Hull (R)*138$5.00
Valoree Swanson (R)*150$4,275.00


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