FederalImmigration & BorderTexas Lifts Enhanced Inspection Policy for Ports With Mexican State of Chihuahua After Border Security Pact

Enhanced inspections of vehicles entering Texas from Mexico are creating traffic congestion and hours-long delays.
April 14, 2022
The State of Texas has entered a border security agreement with the Mexican state of Chihuahua that includes a $200 million investment in border security on the part of the Chihuahua government. Consequently, Texas is lifting the enhanced inspection policy for that state.

Governor Greg Abbott made the announcement in a press conference at the Capitol with Chihuahua Governor María Eugenia Campos Galván.

Abbott described it as the “best border security plan that I’ve seen from any governor of Mexico.” Campos called it a “win-win situation” and recalled her work on border security as a mayor.

She indicated that the Chihuahua government is in the “implementation” phase of border security measures that had already been in the works. The plan includes the use of artificial intelligence and Campos indicated she expects it to be complete in August.

Abbott previously ended the enhanced inspection policy for Nuevo Leon after Abbott orchestrated a similar agreement with Governor Samuel Alejandro García Sepúlveda.

The Texan Tumbler

The Texas governor stated that one of the purposes of “clogged” border bridges was to motivate Mexican authorities to work with Texas on border security.

He has also sought to get the federal government’s attention by providing transportation for illegal aliens to voluntarily go to the U.S. capital.

The Texan asked Abbott how many illegal aliens he believed the state would send to Washington, D.C. and whether it would have a similar effect on the federal government.

“We will transport as many as possible. The president has not ever come to the border of Texas and has seen the chaos that he has caused and if he’s not going to come to the border, we’re going to take the border to him,” Abbott replied.

“There is another bus in transit as we speak right now and we will continue to send buses to Washington, D.C. and it’s not just the president, it’s members of Congress, also.”

The governor added, “Texas is tired of being the unloading dock for illegal immigrants crossing the border, the new loading dock is going to be Washington, D.C.”


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