87th LegislatureElections 2020The Back MicThe Back Mic: 2020 Texas House Margins of Victory Compared to 2018

This week — take a look at the margins of victory in all 150 Texas House districts from Tuesday's results compared to those in 2018.
November 6, 2020

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In the Texas House, Tuesday’s election largely maintained the status quo and a lower chamber made up of 83 Republicans and 67 Democrats — its exact partisan makeup prior to the election. 

One Democrat, Rep. Gina Calanni (D-Katy), was unseated by the district’s former GOP representative Mike Schofield, and one Republican, Rep. Sarah Davis (R-Houston), was defeated by Democratic challenger Ann Johnson. Aside from that, incumbents won their reelection bids, and each party held onto political control of open seats which they had previously claimed.

Here’s a look at the differences in the margins of victory in 2020 and 2018, broken down by district. The results are listed with the first letter of the political party that won followed by the percentage by which that candidate won their race.

Incumbents are marked with (I) and an * denotes that the candidate only faced opposition from a third-party or write-in candidate.

1Gary VanDeaver(I)R-100R-100
2Bryan SlatonR-80.04R-81.36
3Cecil Bell(I)R-76.00R-77.38
4Keith Bell(I)R-74.10R-79.11*
5Cole Hefner(I)R-79.35R-79.98
6Matt Schaefer(I)R-75.60*R-68.18
7Jay Dean(I)R-100R-100
8Cody Harris(I)R-78.22R-85.92*
9Chris Paddie(I)R-100R-100
10Jake EllzeyR-70.26R-75.85*
11Travis Clardy(I)R-74.36R-75.74
12Kyle Kacal(I)R-67.59R-100
13Ben Leman(I)R-79.12R-100
14John Raney(I)R-56.38R-57.55
15Steve Toth(I)R-67.15R-66.49
16Will Metcalf(I)R-80.33R-100
17John Cyrier(I)R-62.55R-63.7
18Ernest Bailes(I)R-75.49R-100
19James White(I)R-83.19R-100
20Terry Wilson(I)R-71.50R-71.42
21Dade Phelan(I)R-100R-100
22Joe Deshotel(I)D-100D-68.26
23Mayes Middleton(I)R-56.46R-60.25
24Greg Bonnen(I)R-69.59R-69.97
25Cody VasutR-100R-71.6
26Jacey JettonR-52.41R-51.81
27Ron Reynolds(I)D-100D-67.8
28Gary Gates(I)R-54.16R-55.29
29Ed Thompson(I)R-100R-56.72
30Geanie W. Morrison(I)R-74.70R-100
31Ryan Guillen(I)D-100D-58.42
32Todd Hunter(I)R-100R-61.14
33Justin Holland(I)R-65.00R-64.83
34Abel Herrero(I)D-61.11D-59.48
35Oscar Longoria(I)D-100D-100
36Sergio Muñoz Jr.(I)D-100D-100
37Alex Dominguez(I)D-100D-100
38Eddie Lucio III(I)D-100D-100
39Armando "Mando" Martinez(I)D-100D-100
40Terry Canales(I)D-100D-100
41Bobby Guerra(I)D-61.49D-57.86
42Richard Peña Raymond(I)D-74.31D-100
43J.M. Lozano(I)R-61.12R-100
44John Kuempel(I)R-68.64R-67.43
45Erin Zwiener(I)D-51.60D-50.54
46Sheryl Cole(I)D-82.23D-100
47Vikki Goodwin(I)D-52.40D-49.27
48Donna Howard(I)D-100D-70.09
49Gina Hinojosa(I)D-83.00D-78.86
50Celia Israel(I)D-100D-68.78
51Eddie Rodriguez(I)D-100D-82-67
52James Talarico(I)D-51.73D-51.44
53Andrew Murr(I)R-78.55R-78.14
54Brad Buckley(I)R-53.80R-53.51
55Hugh Shine(I)R-100R-100
56Charles "Doc" Anderson(I)R-65.78R-67.32
57Trent Ashby(I)R-79.04R-79.46
58Dewayne Burns(I)R-100R-79.05
59Shelby SlawsonR-100R-100
60Glen RogersR-100R-100
61Phil King(I)R-100R-83.04
62Reggie Smith(I)R-76.16R-78.77
63Tan Parker(I)R-67.12R-67.45
64Lynn Stucky(I)R-52.81R-54.92
65Michelle Beckley(I)D-51.16D-51.5
66Matt Shaheen(I)R-50.29R-49.68
67Jeff Leach(I)R-51.15R-51.8
68Drew Springer(I)R-100R-85.47
69James Frank(I)R-100R-100
70Scott Sanford(I)R-61.75R-61.95
71Stan Lambert(I)R-78.05R-78.9
72Drew Darby(I)R-100R-100
73Kyle Biedermann(I)R-74.78R-74.98
74Eddie Morales, Jr.D-100D-54.1
75Mary González(I)D-100D-100
76Claudia Ordaz PerezD-100D-100
77Evelina "Lina" Ortega(I)D-100D-100
78Joe Moody(I)D-65.24D-61.42
79Art Fierro(I)D-100D-100
80Tracy O. King(I)D-100D-100
81Brooks Landgraf(I)R-74.99R-100
82Tom Craddick(I)R-80.13R-100
83Dustin Burrows(I)R-77.32R-79.3
84John Frullo(I)R-60.15R-61.31
85Phil Stephenson(I)R-56.48R-56.41
86John T. Smithee(I)R-82.13R-100
87Four Price(I)R-100R-100
88Ken King(I)R-83.75R-100
89Candy Noble(I)R-59.54R-59.11
90Ramon Romero Jr.(I)D-100D-72.37
91Stephanie Klick(I)R-63.48R-63.97
92Jeff CasonR-49.82R-50.94
93Matt Krause(I)R-53.87R-54.58
94Tony Tinderholt(I)R-52.49R-51
95Nicole Collier(I)D-76.51D-100
96David CookR-50.84R-51.2
97Craig Goldman(I)R-53.19R-52.62
98Giovanni Capriglione(I)R-68.25R-68
99Charlie Geren(I)R-64.31R-100
100Jasmine CrockettD-100D-100
101Chris Turner(I)D-87.39*D-100
102Ana-Maria Ramos(I)D-52.88D-53.91
103Rafael Anchia(I)D-78.25D-74.56
104Jessica González(I)D-100D-100
105Thresa "Terry" Meza(I)D-54.74D-54.95
106Jared Patterson(I)R-58.31R-58.51
107Victoria Neave(I)D-57.10D-56.5
108Morgan Meyer(I)R-50.14R-49.65
109Carl Sherman Sr.(I)D-99.00*D-83.28
110Toni Rose(I)D-100D-100
111Yvonne Davis(I)D-100D-100
112Angie Chen Button(I)R-51.04R-48.92
113Rhetta Bowers(I)D-53.48D-51.77
114John Turner(I)D-55.65D-53.62
115Julie Johnson(I)D-56.79D-56.9
116Trey Martinez-Fischer(I)D-70.40D-69.17
117Philip Cortez(I)D-57.39D-54.9
118Leo Pacheco(I)D-58.05D-56.76
119Elizabeth CamposD-100D-61.81
120Barbara Gervin-Hawkins(I)D-68.37D-65.92
121Steve Allison(I)R-53.17R-53.53
122Lyle Larson(I)R-61.93R-59.7
123Diego Bernal(I)D-100D-100
124Ina Minjarez(I)D-67.64D-100
125Ray Lopez(I)D-81.38*D-79.88*
126Sam Harless(I)R-54.84R-53.3
127Dan Huberty(I)R-80.24*R-71.13*
128Briscoe Cain(I)R-100R-68.4
129Dennis Paul(I)R-56.51R-58.92
130Tom Oliverson(I)R-68.44R-68.99
131Alma Allen(I)D-85.81D-100
132Mike SchofieldD-49.26R-51.8
133Jim Murphy(I)R-58.11R-57.12
134Ann JohnsonR-53.17D-52.3
135Jon Rosenthal(I)D-50.81D-49.08
136John Bucy III(I)D-53.37D-53.3
137Gene Wu(I)D-88.28*D-81.48*
138Lacey HullR-50.03R-51.62
139Jarvis Johnson(I)D-92.79*D-85.88*
140Armando Walle(I)D-100D-100
141Senfronia Thompson(I)D-100D-100
142Harold Dutton Jr.(I)D-100D-74.73
143Ana Hernandez(I)D-100D-100
144Mary Ann Perez(I)D-61.18D-56.43
145Christina Morales(I)D-90.36*D-64.02
146Shawn Thierry(I)D-92.89*D-87.03*
147Garnet Coleman(I)D-80.80D-100
148Penny ShawD-67.91D-63.66
149Hubert Vo(I)D-88.32*D-59.41
150Valoree Swanson(I)R-57.78R-58.11


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