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This week — here's a list of the primary runoff matchups for the May 24 election.
March 4, 2022

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37 State Level Primary Races in Texas Go to the May 24 Runoff

Primary day in Texas resolved a lot of questions about nominees for the two major political parties, but some remain. 

Voters will see 37 state level races on their runoff election ballots on May 24. 

The candidate listed first was the first-place finisher in the primary. Incumbents are denoted with an asterisk.


The Texan Tumbler

  • Lt. Governor (D) – Mike Collier vs. Michelle Beckley
  • Attorney General (R) – Ken Paxton* vs. George P. Bush
  • Attorney General (D) – Rochelle Garza vs. Joe Jaworski
  • Comptroller of Public Accounts (D) – Janet Dudding vs. Angel Vega
  • Land Commissioner (D) – Sandragrace Martinez vs. Jay Kleburg
  • Land Commissioner (R) – Dawn Buckingham vs. Tim Westley
  • Railroad Commissioner (R) – Wayne Christian* vs. Sarah Stogner


  • Senate District (SD) 24 (R) – Pete Flores vs. Raul Reyes
  • SD 27 (D) – Morgan Lamantia vs. Sara Stapleton-Barrera


  • House District (HD) 12 (R) – Kyle Kacal* vs. Ben Bius
  • HD 17 (R) – Stan Gerdes vs. Paul Pape
  • HD 19 (R) – Ellen Troxclair vs. Justin Berry
  • HD 22 (D) – Joseph Trahan vs. Manuel Hayes
  • HD 23 (R) – Patrick Gurski vs. Terri Leo-Wilson
  • HD 37 (D) – Ruben Cortez vs. Luis Villarreal
  • HD 52 (R) – Patrick McGuinness vs. Caroline Harris
  • HD 60 (R) – Glenn Rogers* vs. Mike Olcott
  • HD 61 (R) – Frederick Frazier vs. Paul Chabot
  • HD 63 (R) – Ben Bumgarner vs. Jeff Younger
  • HD 70 (D) – Cassandra Hernandez vs. Mihaela Plesa
  • HD 70 (R) – Jamee Jolly vs. Eric Bowlin
  • HD 73 (R) – Barron Casteel vs. Carrie Isaac
  • HD 76 (D) – Suleman Lalani vs. Vanesia Johnson
  • HD 84 (R) – David Glasheen vs. Carl Tepper
  • HD 85 (R) – Phil Stephenson* vs. Stan Kitzman
  • HD 91 (R) – Stephanie Klick* vs. David Lowe
  • HD 93 (R) – Nate Schatzline vs. Laura Hill
  • HD 100 (D) – Sandra Crenshaw vs. Venton Jones
  • HD 112 (D) – Alexandria Guio vs. John Bryant
  • HD 122 (R) – Elisa Chan vs. Mark Dorazio
  • HD 133 (R) – Shelley Barineau vs. Mano DeAyala
  • HD 147 (D) – Jolanda Jones vs. Danielle Bess

Board of Education

  • District 1 (D) – Melissa Ortega vs. Laura Marquez
  • District 2 (D) – Victor Perez vs. Pete Garcia
  • District 4 (D) – Coretta Mallet-Fontenot vs. Staci Childs
  • District 11 (D) – Luis Sifuentes vs. James Whitfield
  • District 13 (R) – Kathryn Monette vs. Denise Russell


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