The Back MicThe Back Mic: Abbott Addresses Advisor’s Trump Comments, Paxton Chairs Lawyers for Trump, Allen West Names Party Officers

This week — Abbott addresses statements by an advisor about Trump, a state leader heads up a new pro-Trump group, and Allen West appoints new party officers.
July 24, 2020

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Abbott Responds to Carney’s Comments on Trump’s Coronavirus Handling

Earlier this week, Governor Abbott’s chief political strategist, Dave Carney, was quoted in a New York Times article talking about President Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and his availability to state leaders.

“The president got bored with it,” said Carney of the pandemic, who then said that Abbott makes inquiries to Vice President Mike Pence instead.

Appearing on KVIA in El Paso, Abbott was asked about his advisor’s comments. 

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“Actually I spoke to the president for help on Sunday night, and he was very responsive to my request,” said Abbott. 

“I speak to the president frequently about it, but obviously as everybody knows Mike Pence has been named the head of the Coronavirus Response Task Force, and that’s why we visit with the vice president at least weekly.”

Paxton Named “Lawyers for Trump” Co-Chair 

On Thursday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was named co-chair of “Lawyers for Trump.”

The group looks to “mobilize support” for the president in order to ensure his reelection and boasts advisory board members like Rudy Guiliani and a host of other current or former state attorney generals.

“Under the Trump administration two Supreme Court Justices and a historic number of federal judges have been appointed for life and will interpret the constitution as written,” reads the website.

Allen West Appoints New Texas GOP Party Officers

After winning the election to become the Republican Party of Texas’ chairman, Allen West announced his slate of new party officers. 

Here’s the latest list of those who will be serving as the Texas GOP’s newest appointed and elected leaders:

  • Lt. Colonel Allen West, Chairman
  • Cat Parks, Vice-Chair
  • Vergel Cruz, Secretary
  • Richard Hayes, Parliamentarian 
  • Walter West, Sergeant at Arms
  • Tim O’Hare, Treasurer
  • Wade Emmert, General Counsel
  • Rich Stoglin, Chaplain


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