Elections 2020State HouseThe Back MicThe Back Mic: Abbott Spends Millions to Defend Texas Republicans, Democratic Super PAC Doubles Spending, New Campaign Ads Released

This week — Gov. Abbott pledges millions to aid Texas Republicans, a Democratic super PAC pours more money into state legislative races, and new campaign ads are released.
October 23, 2020

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Abbott to Spend Millions on Down Ballot Races

Governor Abbott plans to spend big money to defend Republican control of the Texas House and retain judicial seats.

First reported by the Texas Tribune, the campaign announced the disbursement of a “mid-seven-figure” spend targeting two dozen specific House districts and plans to aid judicial candidates with ad buys and financial support. 

“Mobs are rioting in streets, destroying businesses & harming residents. And YET, Democrats are defunding police,” tweeted Abbott with an ad in support of GOP judges. “We need to support our police. And we must elect Republican Judges who will enforce the law & get tough on criminals.”

In another tweet, Abbott came to the defense of Rep. Angie Chen Button (R-Richardson), running for reelection in an incredibly contentious North Texas district against Democrat Brandy Chambers, who the governor ties to Beto O’Rourke in the ad shared to social media. 

The Texan Tumbler

“This video shows liberal Democrats are pouring money into Texas House of Representative races to defeat Republicans like Angie Chen Button,” said the governor. “Don’t let it happen!”

Democratic Super PAC Pledges Millions

Forward Majority, a Democratic super PAC specifically focused on flipping Republican-held state legislatures, announced a whopping $12 million pledge to flip the Republican-held Texas House.

The group initially pledged an impressive $6 million to aid Democrats running for the legislative seats, and according to a report from the Texas Tribune the group has now committed over $12 million in its effort to turn the Texas House blue.

Democrats flipped 12 Texas House seats in 2018, and now find themselves only nine seats away from securing a majority if they are able to effectively defend the ground gained last election cycle. 

Campaign Ads

Here’s a look at the latest campaign ads in the races for federal and state legislative seats. 

U.S. Senate




Texas Legislature



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