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Here's a look at how each candidate running in the 12 Texas House districts that flipped from red to blue in 2018 fared in terms of fundraising.
January 17, 2020

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This week, the newest fundraising numbers dropped for Texas legislative races. With the primary election rapidly approaching and the unknown of the general election looming in the not-so-distant future, candidates are aiming to pad their campaign accounts with numbers that exceed that of their political rivals.

Here’s a look at how the races in each of the 12 Texas House districts that flipped from red to blue in 2018 are shaping up in monetary terms.

House District 45


The Texan Tumbler

Erin Zwiener (I)

  • Raised: $109k
  • Spent: $56k
  • COH: $75k

Liliana Posada

  • Raised: $0
  • Spent: $0
  • COH: $0


Carrie Isaac

  • Raised: $52k
  • Spent: $58k
  • COH: $109k

Austin Talley

  • Raised: $780.00 (loaned himself $700)
  • Spent: $9k
  • COH: $971.00

Kent “Bud” Wymore

  • Raised: $57k
  • Spent: $38k
  • COH: $80k

House District 47


Vikki Goodwin (I)

  • Raised: $120k
  • Spent: $65k
  • COH: $106k


Justin Berry

  • Raised: $17k
  • Spent: $28k 
  • COH: $9k

Jennifer Fleck

  • Raised: $20k (loaned herself $228.00)
  • Spent: $27k
  • COH: $22k

Jenny Roan Forgey

  • Raised: $78k
  • Spent: $43k
  • COH: $56k

Aaron Reitz

  • Raised: $16k
  • Spent: $27k
  • COH: $20k

Don Zimmerman

  • Raised: $41k (loaned himself $3k)
  • Spent: $18k
  • COH: $52k

House District 52


James Talarico (I)

  • Raised: $81k
  • Spent: $41k
  • COH: $69k


Lucio Valdez

  • Raised: $7k
  • Spent: $5k
  • COH: $4k (loaned himself $200.00)

House District 65


Michelle Beckley (I)

  • Raised: $64k
  • Spent: $47k
  • COH: $42k

Paige Dixon

  • Raised: $9k
  • Spent: $9k
  • COH: $321.49


Nancy Cline

  • Raised: $4k (loaned herself $17,000)
  • Spent: $18k
  • COH: $945.00

Kronda Thimesch

  • Raised: $58k
  • Spent: $7k
  • COH: $54k

House District 102


Ana-Maria Ramos (I)

  • Raised: $51k
  • Spent: $35k
  • COH: $35k (loaned herself $2,512.19)


Linda Koop

  • Raised: $91k
  • Spent: $32k
  • COH: $68k

Rick Walker

  • Raised: $4k
  • Spent: $2k
  • COH: $1k

House District 105


Terry Meza (I)

  • Raised: $25k
  • Spent: $14k
  • COH: $52k


Gerson Hernandez

  • Raised: $750.00
  • Spent: $0
  • COH: $0

House District 113


Rhetta Bowers (I)

  • Raised: $39k
  • Spent: $0
  • COH: $39k


Will Douglas 

  • Raised: $104k
  • Spent: $7k
  • COH: $73k

House District 114


John Turner (I)

  • Raised: $251k
  • Spent: $66k
  • COH: $388k


Luisa del Rosal

  • Raised: $192k
  • Spent: $44k
  • COH: $284k

House District 115


Julie Johnson (I)

  • Raised: $159k
  • Spent: $63k
  • COH: $201k


Karyn Brownlee

  • Raised: $12k (loaned herself $11k)
  • Spent: $1k
  • COH: $21k

House District 132 


Gina Calanni (I)

  • Raised: $82k
  • Spent: $25k
  • COH: $71k


Angelica Garcia

  • Raised: $28k (loaned herself $50.00)
  • Spent: $20k
  • COH: $21k

Mike Schofield

  • Raised: $27k
  • Spent: $24k
  • COH: $152

House District 135 


Jon Rosenthal (I) 

  • Raised: $71k
  • Spent: $42k
  • COH: $41k


Merrilee Rosene Beazley

  • Raised: $0
  • Spent: $465.04
  • COH: $0

Justin Ray

  • Raised: $53k
  • Spent: $25k
  • COH: $47k

House District 136 


John Bucy III (I)

  • Raised: $102k
  • Spent: $37k
  • COH: $85k


Michael Guevara

  • Raised: $11k (loaned himself $2k)
  • Spent: $9k
  • COH: $878.40


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