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Candidates are already going up with TV ads — take a look at who's already taking to the airwaves.
January 10, 2020

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Running an ad on television can be the mark of healthy fundraising numbers for a campaign and a potential head start on the competition. Here’s a look at some of the candidates in Texas who have already shot and released ads for the airwaves so far:

Brandon BatchCongressional District 11 — Republican Candidate

“West Texas Values”

Chris EkstromCongressional District 13 — Republican Candidate

The Texan Tumbler

“Do you Support Trump’s Wall?”

Do you Support Trump's Wall? Chris Ekstrom does! Hit LIKE to Vote YES!

Posted by Chris Ekstrom on Saturday, November 30, 2019


Jon FrancisHouse District 60 — Republican Candidate

“That’s Where I Stand”

Gary GatesHouse District 28 — Republican Nominee


George HindmanCongressional District 17 — Republican Candidate

“George Hindman First TV Ad”

Wesley HuntCongressional District 7 — Republican Candidate


Ross LacyCongressional District 11 — Republican Candidate

“Won’t Apologize”

Won't Apologize

I'm running for Congress to secure the southern border, protect our oil and gas industry, and stand with President Trump.

Posted by J.Ross Lacy for Congress on Thursday, November 7, 2019


Eliz MarkowitzHouse District 28 — Democrat Nominee

“Only One”

August PflugerCongressional District 11 — Republican Candidate

“Our Conservative and Rural Values”

Chris PutnamCongressional District 12 — Republican Candidate


Kathaleen WallCongressional District 22 — Republican Candidate 

“It’s going to take this Wall to build the wall”

John Cornyn — U.S. Senate — Republican Incumbent

Though not traditional television ads, here are some honorable mentions that made waves on social media, including a nod to the controversial but viral “Peloton” ad, a follow up to an incredibly popular 2018 congressional ad, and a candidate’s take on what it means to be 100% Texan.

Genevieve CollinsCongressional District 32 — Republican Candidate 

“100% Texan”

Wendy DavisCongressional District 21 — Democrat Candidate

“The Gift”

MJ Hegar — U.S. Senate — Democrat Candidate


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