The Back MicThe Back Mic: Here’s How Much of the Vote Each Texas House Incumbent Collected in the 2022 Primary

This week — the percent of vote collected for each Texas House incumbent in the 2022 primary elections is listed.
March 11, 2022

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Primary Percent of Vote Collected for State House Incumbents 

All but five incumbents running for re-election in the Texas House secured their party’s nomination in last week’s primary election.

Each incumbent is listed below with their district, vote percentage, party affiliation, and number of opponents. Incumbents without primary challengers are listed as unopposed. Open seats are denoted as such with their partisan leaning in the “party” column, per The Texan’s Texas Partisan Index.

For a list of the incumbents without any challengers, see here.

For a list of the state races headed to May runoffs and their matchups, see here.

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*Denotes an incumbent headed to a May 24 runoff.

**Rep. Art Fierro lost to Rep. Claudia Ordaz Perez who was redistricted into House District 76 after her seat was moved to Fort Bend County.

DistrictIncumbentPartyPercent of VoteNumber of Opponents
1Gary VanDeaverR62.9%2
2Bryan SlatonR82.4%1
3Cecil Bell, Jr.R67.2%1
4Kieth BellR100%Unopposed
5Cole HefnerR81%1
6Matt SchaeferR88.9%1
7Jay DeanR100%Unopposed
8Cody HarrisR100%Unopposed
9Trent AshbyR100%Unopposed
10Brian HarrisonR100%Unopposed
11Travis Clardy*R52.7%3
12Kyle Kacal*R47.2%2
13N/ARN/AOpen seat
14John RaneyR57.1%1
15Steve TothR69.2%1
16Will MetcalfR100%Unopposed
17N/ARN/AOpen seat
18Ernest BailesR56.3%3
19N/ARN/AOpen seat
20Terry WilsonR100%Unopposed
21Dade PhelanR100%Unopposed
22N/ADN/AOpen seat
23N/ARN/AOpen seat
24Greg BonnenR100%Unopposed
25Cody VasutR100%Unopposed
26Jacey JettonR100%Unopposed
27Ron ReynoldsD83.5%1
28Gary GatesR75.3%1
29Ed ThompsonR100%Unopposed
30Geanie MorrisonR100%Unopposed
31Ryan GuillenR56.5%2
32Todd HunterR100%Unopposed
33Justin HollandR69.2%2
34Abel HerreroD100%Unopposed
35Oscar LongoriaD100%Unopposed
36Sergio Muñoz, Jr.D100%Unopposed
37N/ADN/AOpen seat
38N/ADN/AOpen seat
39Mando MartinezD100%Unopposed
40Terry CanalesD100%Unopposed
41Bobby GuerraD100%Unopposed
42Richard Peña RaymondD62.7%1
43J.M. LozanoR100%Unopposed
44John KuempelR100%Unopposed
45Erin ZwienerD80.7%2
46Sheryl ColeD100%Unopposed
47Vikki GoodwinD100%Unopposed
48Donna HowardD100%Unopposed
49Gina HinojosaD100%Unopposed
50N/ADN/AOpen seat
51N/ADN/AOpen seat
52N/ARN/AOpen seat
53Andrew MurrR63.4%1
54Brad BuckleyR100%Unopposed
55Hugh ShineR100%Unopposed
56Doc AndersonR100%Unopposed
57N/ARN/AOpen seat
58DeWayne BurnsR100%Unopposed
59Shelby SlawsonR100%Unopposed
60Glenn Rogers*R43.7%3
61N/ARN/AOpen seat
62Reggie SmithR58.7%1
63N/ARN/AOpen seat
64Lynn StuckyR50.3%1
65N/ARN/AOpen seat
66Matt ShaheenR100%Unopposed
67Jeff LeachR76.8%1
68David SpillerR69.8%3
69James FrankR100%Unopposed
70N/AEvenN/AOpen seat
71Stan LambertR75.6%1
72Drew DarbyR100%Unopposed
73N/ARN/AOpen seat
74Eddie Morales, Jr.D100%Unopposed
75Mary GonzálezD73.4%1
76N/ADN/AOpen seat
77Lina OrtegaD100%Unopposed
78Joe MoodyD100%Unopposed
79Art Fierro**D34.9%1
80Tracy KingD100%Unopposed
81Brooks LandgrafR80%1
82Tom CraddickR100%Unopposed
83Dustin BurrowsR82.6%1
84N/ARN/AOpen seat
85Phil Stephenson*R40%3
86John SmitheeR100%Unopposed
87Four PriceR100%Unopposed
88Ken KingR65%1
89Candy NobleR100%Unopposed
90Ramon Romero, Jr.D100%Unopposed
91Stephanie Klick*R49%4
92N/ADN/AOpen seat
93N/ARN/AOpen seat
94Tony TinderholtR100%Unopposed
95Nicole CollierD100%Unopposed
96David CookR100%Unopposed
97Craig GoldmanR100%Unopposed
98Giovanni CapriglioneR68.1%1
99Charlie GerenR100%Unopposed
100N/ADN/AOpen seat
101Chris TurnerD100%Unopposed
102Ana-Maria RamosD100%Unopposed
103Rafael AnchíaD100%Unopposed
104Jessica GonzálezD100%Unopposed
105Terry MezaD100%Unopposed
106Jared PattersonR100%Unopposed
107Victoria NeaveD100%Unopposed
108Morgan MeyerR100%Unopposed
109Carl ShermanD100%Unopposed
110Toni RoseD100%Unopposed
111Yvonne DavisD100%Unopposed
112Angie Chen ButtonR100%Unopposed
113Rhetta BowersD100%Unopposed
114N/ADN/AOpen seat
115Julie JohnsonD100%Unopposed
116Trey Martinez FischerD100%Unopposed
117Philip CortezD100%Unopposed
118John LujanR100%Unopposed
119Liz CamposD100%Unopposed
120Barbara Gervin-HawkinsD100%Unopposed
121Steve AllisonR84.1%1
122N/ARN/AOpen seat
123Diego BernalD100%Unopposed
124N/ADN/AOpen seat
125Ray LopezD58.3%1
126Sam HarlessR100%Unopposed
127N/ARN/AOpen seat
128Briscoe CainR100%Unopposed
129Dennis PaulR100%Unopposed
130Tom OliversonR100%Unopposed
131Alma AllenD53.9%2
132Mike SchofieldR91.5%1
133N/ARN/AOpen seat
134Ann JohnsonD100%Unopposed
135Jon RosenthalD100%Unopposed
136John BucyD100%Unopposed
137Gene WuD100%Unopposed
138Lacey HullR64.5%2
139Jarvis JohnsonD100%Unopposed
140Armando WalleD100%Unopposed
141Senfronia ThompsonD100%Unopposed
142Harold DuttonD51.2%1
143Ana HernandezD100%Unopposed
144Mary Ann PerezD100%Unopposed
145Christina MoralesD100%Unopposed
146Shawn ThierryD100%Unopposed
147N/ADN/AOpen seat
148Penny Morales ShawD100%Unopposed
149Hubert VoD100%Unopposed
150Valoree SwansonR68.4%3


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