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This week — a look at how much money candidates who are now facing a longer ramp-up to their runoff elections had before the primary.
April 3, 2020

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In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Governor Abbott recently postponed Texas’ runoff elections, originally set for May 26, to July 14. This means candidates vying for their party’s nomination will have a much smaller window to campaign against the candidate from the opposing party, should they win their respective runoff election. 

These runoff candidates will have to leverage momentum, energy, and fundraising effectively over a longer period of time and during incredibly tumultuous circumstances.

Here’s a look at what state legislative candidates facing the runoff election were reported to have in their campaign coffers before the primary election.

Senate District 19

The Texan Tumbler

Democratic runoff candidate(s):

Xochil Peña Rodriguez

  • Raised: $26k
  • Spent: $139k
  • COH: $14k
  • Loans: $184k

Roland Gutierrez

  • Raised: $65k
  • Spent: $102k
  • COH: $38k

Senate District 27

Democratic runoff candidate(s):

Eddie Lucio, Jr. (I) 

  • Raised: $446k
  • Spent: $335k
  • COH: $64k
  • Loans: $35k

Sara Stapleton Barrera 

  • Raised: $2k
  • Spent: $74k
  • COH: $409.97
  • Loans: $214k

House District 2

Republican runoff candidate(s):

Dan Flynn (I)

  • Raised: $136k
  • Spent: $110k
  • COH: $43k

Bryan Slaton 

  • Raised: $33k
  • Spent: $132k
  • COH: $33k

House District 25

Republican runoff candidate(s):

Ro’vin Garrett 

  • Raised: $43k
  • Spent: $27k
  • COH: $8
  • Loans: $13k

Cody Vasut 

  • Raised: $56k
  • Spent: $40k
  • COH: $29
  • Loans: $100.00

House District 26

Democratic runoff candidate(s):

Suleman Lalani 

  • Raised: $1k
  • Spent: $36k
  • COH: $73k
  • Loans: $90k

Sarah DeMerchant

  • Raised: $2k
  • Spent: $3k
  • COH: $728.59

Republican runoff candidate(s):

Matt Morgan 

  • Raised: $12k
  • Spent: $5k
  • COH: $14k
  • Loans: $10k

Jacey Jetton 

  • Raised: $88k
  • Spent: $82k
  • COH: $49k
  • Loans: $25k

House District 45

Republican runoff candidate(s):

Carrie Isaac 

  • Raised: $59k
  • Spent: $86k
  • COH: $51k

Bud Wymore 

  • Raised: $25k
  • Spent: $74k
  • COH: $36k

House District 47

Republican runoff candidate(s):

Jennifer Fleck 

  • Raised: $16k
  • Spent: $17k
  • COH: $18k
  • Loans: $4k

Justin Berry 

  • Raised: $36k
  • Spent: $8k
  • COH: $15k

House District 59

Republican runoff candidate(s):

Shelby Slawson 

  • Raised: $64k
  • Spent: $109k
  • COH: $74k
  • Loans: 108k

J.D. Sheffield (I) 

  • Raised: $204k
  • Spent: $224k
  • COH: $72k
  • Loans: $56k

House District 60

Republican runoff candidate(s):

Jon Francis 

  • Raised: $174k
  • Spent: $372k
  • COH: $131k
  • Loans: $41k

Glenn Rogers 

  • Raised: $97k
  • Spent: $158k
  • COH: $72k
  • Loans: 50k

House District 67

Democratic runoff candidate(s):

Tom Adair 

  • Raised: $3k
  • Spent: $10k
  • COH: $24k
  • Loans: $25k

Lorenzo Sanchez 

  • Raised: $8k
  • Spent: $6k
  • COH: $7k
  • Loans: $23k

House District 100

Democratic runoff candidate(s):

Lorraine Birabil (I) 

  • Raised: $56k
  • Spent: $45k
  • COH: $20k

Jasmine Felicia Crockett 

  • Raised: $7k
  • Spent: $7k
  • COH: $10k
  • Loans: $3k

House District 119

Democratic runoff candidate(s):

Elizabeth “Liz” Campos 

  • Raised: $14k
  • Spent: $15k
  • COH: $1k
  • Loans: $10k

Jennifer Ramos 

  • Raised: $12k
  • Spent: $14k
  • COH: $4k
  • Loans: $2k

House District 138

Democratic runoff candidate(s):

Akilah Bacy 

  • Raised: $8k
  • Spent: $9k
  • COH: $31k

Jenifer Rene Pool 

  • Raised: N/A
  • Spent: N/A
  • COH: N/A

House District 142

Democratic runoff candidate(s):

Harold Dutton Jr. (I) 

  • Raised: $120k
  • Spent: $46k
  • COH: $145k

Jerry Davis 

  • Raised: $37k
  • Spent: $59k
  • COH: $107k

House District 148

Democratic runoff candidate(s):

Anna Eastman (I) 

  • Raised: $52k
  • Spent: $33k
  • COH: $18k

Penny Morales Shaw 

  • Raised: $11k
  • Spent: $23k
  • COH: $21k
  • Loans: $34k


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