Elections 2020Local NewsTrump Supporters Protest Election Results in Downtown Dallas

Hundreds of demonstrators heard from Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen West and marched to protest President Trump’s projected loss.
November 17, 2020
A large crowd of Trump supporters gathered in downtown Dallas on Saturday at a “Stop the Steal” event to hear from conservative speakers and to protest the projected result of the presidential election.

Hundreds of demonstrators congregated outside Dallas City Hall and heard from a lineup of speakers such as talk radio host Dana Loesch and Republican Party of Texas Chairman Allen West, who bewailed election fraud and the legacy media. 

“The media does not dictate elections in the United States of America,” West said.

The chairman also highlighted the fact that Texas Republicans decisively carried the Lone Star State despite efforts by Texas Democrats.

“On November 3, you sent a message. You said Texas is a red, conservative state. You should be proud of that,” West said.

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Afterward, the mass of people marched north on Ervay Street, west on Elm Street, south on Griffin Street, and east on Young Street back to City Hall. 

Demonstrators in the procession bore hundreds of flags with various pro-Trump messages, as well as American flags. They chanted “stop the steal” and “four more years.” Some wore t-shirts with slogans such as “Jesus is my Savior. Trump is my president,” and “Clusterf— Election 2020.”

Aside from some hand gestures and verbal sparring, no confrontations could be seen between Trump supporters and counter-protesters. A handful of people sporting Black Lives Matter gear were met with chants of “All Lives Matter” from those marching by. Many onlookers recorded the procession with their smartphones.

Unlike the rally in Washington, D.C. that reportedly ended with violence and at least 21 people being taken into custody, the Dallas march concluded peacefully at city hall with most attendees returning to their cars. Some could be heard thanking law enforcement officers monitoring the event.

Though President Trump is projected to lose the election by every major news outlet, former Vice President Biden will not formally be elected the 46th president until the results are certified and the electoral college meets in December.

On Friday, the Wall Street Journal provided an update on the various lawsuits the Trump campaign has initiated in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia. The suits are said to be a long shot to reverse the outcome of the election.

Comparisons have been made between this election and the recount in Florida after the hanging chads controversy in the year 2000, but that debacle was limited to one state in an election that was much closer than this one.


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Hayden Sparks

Hayden Sparks is a senior reporter for The Texan and a lifelong resident of the Lone Star State. He has coached competitive speech and debate and has been involved in politics since a young age. One of Hayden's favorite quotes is by Sam Houston: "Texas has yet to learn submission to any oppression, come from what source it may."