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Democratic Railroad Commissioner nominee Luke Warford joins senior reporter Brad Johnson to discuss the campaign and his views on energy policy.
September 6, 2022
Luke Warford, the Democratic nominee for Railroad Commissioner, joined The Texan’s senior reporter Brad Johnson to discuss the campaign and his views on energy policy.

“Texas is the energy capital of the world. We have more energy production capacity — both oil and gas, but also renewable — than any other state in the country. It seems fairly basic to me that with all of those resources, we should have reliable and affordable energy,” said Warford. 

“But we currently have neither of those, largely because a lot of our elected officials, I think, have misplayed a really good hand that they’ve been dealt.”

Warford discussed his ongoing campaign for statewide office, his views on energy policy, how he differs from congressional Democrats who have pushed the Green New Deal, and more.

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Watch the full interview below or listen on your favorite podcast platform.

Update: An interview with Warford’s Republican opponent, Railroad Commission Chairman Wayne Christian, can be found here.


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