EnergyVideoVoices of TexasVIDEO: Railroad Commissioner-Elect Jim Wright on His Victory and Coming Job

Jim Wright joins reporter Brad Johnson on The Texan's "Voices of Texas" podcast to discuss his rise in Texas politics and the state's energy sector.
December 15, 2020
Railroad Commissioner-elect Jim Wright joined The Texan’s reporter Brad Johnson to discuss his campaign, Texas’ energy sector, and his coming job on the regulatory board. In the interview, the political upstart Wright explains what the Railroad Commission does and details his plan for serving on the body.

Wright said that before jumping into the race, members within the industry told him, “You have been involved with, not only all the energy sector, but really involved with oil and gas — since discovery of the shale — you know how the nuts and bolts work out here. We’d like to have a commissioner that has more experience on that side of things than more on the legislative side and how politics work.”

“I didn’t know that I’d have a chance because I know nothing about politics,” he emphasized of his underdog run for the office.

Watch the full interview below:


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