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The Democratic challenger criticized Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick for alleged corruption regarding the energy grid, corporate taxes, and school choice.
July 25, 2022
At the 2022 Texas Democratic Convention, Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor Mike Collier claimed he “is going to kick Dan Patrick’s ass.”

“Dan Patrick wants you to hate your fellow Texan. Dan Patrick wants you to turn your back on your neighbor instead of having your back. Dan Patrick says what’s wrong with Texas is you. No sir, there’s nothing wrong with Texas that we can’t fix in November.”

In his speech at the convention on July 15, Collier accused Lt. Governor Dan Patrick of corruption regarding the Texas energy grid, failing to protect schools by passing gun control legislation, and allowing property taxes to rise due to tax loopholes for corporations. Collier also criticized Patrick for passing “the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation” and claimed he would “codify Roe v. Wade” if elected lieutenant governor.

Collier also had some harsh words for those who support school vouchers, which he posted in a video to his Twitter account.

“If Dan Patrick gets another term, he’s already told us he’s coming after your school and he’s coming after your teacher,” said Collier.

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“He wants to privatize and profitize our public schools. As Lieutenant Governor, I will lead the legislature to amend our constitution to ban forever private school vouchers. You know why? Because vouchers are for vultures.”

Corey DeAngelis, national director of research at the school choice advocate American Federation for Children, condemned Collier’s words in a statement to The Texan.

“Imagine calling low-income families with kids stuck in failing government schools ‘vultures,’” DeAngelis said. “The vultures are the ones fighting to trap kids in failing government schools.”

“Parents are the new special interest group in town and they aren’t going away any time soon. 77% of Texas school parents support funding students instead of systems. Politicians from all parties would be wise to listen to parents.”

As Collier noted in his speech, the lieutenant governor is one of the most powerful lawmakers in the state. In January 2021, Patrick led the Texas Senate to reduce the supermajority necessary for officials to bring bills to the floor from three-fifths to five-ninths, allowing the Republicans, who had lost one seat in a special election, to retain control of the chamber.

Collier has raised $3 million as of this month for his campaign. He will face Patrick in the general election in November.


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